Katie R GF-4.jpg
Katie Roseberry

Night Shift Supervisor, Converting


Her connections like many at General Films are generational. Family ties weave through GF and are passed down through parents or siblings. Read More>

Dawn LCOA.jpg
Dawn Wehrman

Customer Service Representative

Dawn seemed destined to work at General Films. Her career path has woven through numerous manufacturing environments before switching gears at Honda to customer service and cumulating with her joining General Films in the spring of 2021. Read More>

Adam Morris (1).jpg
Adam Morris  

Sales Representative

Not only is Adam a quintessential people person that enjoys helping others, but he is also competitive by nature. Those unique attributes make him destined to work in sales by helping others navigate through business opportunities and challenges. Adam joined General Films as a sales rep over two years ago. He thrives on creating, building, and nurturing relationships. Read More>

Brithney LCOA.jpg
Brithney Jackson 

Customer Service Representative

Even though Brithney joined General Films only two years ago, she feels passionately she has discovered the work-family and team environment that is perfect for her.  She says, “I have found my perfect job and company with General Films and I will work here for the entirety of my career.”  Read More>

Linda Lyons

Senior Customer Service Representative

When you love what you do, it’s gratifying to work hard each day. That’s how Linda Lyons feels about her career at General Films over the past 34 years. She appreciates being part of a talented team, with positive company culture, and the shared understanding that everyone is treated with integrity and respect.  Read More>

Candy Bolyard

Customer Service Representative

Client satisfaction drives everything we do at General Films. From product innovations to quality assurance programs and capabilities expansion, making sure that our clients are happy is at the heart of it all. The quality and value of our films draw clients to us, but they stay with us because of our dedication to excellent service and support—it makes all the difference.  Read More>