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Heather Falknor

Converting Day Crew

Heather’s caring nature seemed destined and well-suited to the culture at General Films. Her career background in elder care, in-home care, and retail management played to her strengths as a people person and one who loves to connect and give to others. Because of health reasons, Heather was out of the workforce for a few years. She started to actively ease back into work through a temp agency which included a position at General Films. That evolved into a full-time position at GF, which is fortunate not only for Heather but for General Films.


Heather works on a day shift crew on the converting lines. What first struck Heather about GF is the company culture of family first. She and her shift mates produce bags for various end customers and markets. They have bonded and have become friends and family.


“As soon as I started at General Films, I could feel the sense of family and that we take care of each other. That was important to me after not working for an extended period for health reasons. I just knew I was in the right place for me.”


The best part is that they have each other’s backs. If someone is down or is experiencing issues, we rally around to support and encourage them. Whether it is one of the people on my shift, my supervisor, or senior management, I feel we always have each other’s backs.


“The management team at General Films has been outstanding. They are very approachable; I never have to ask for anything because they are forward-thinking and proactively take care of my and our team’s needs.”


During her days off, Heather enjoys spending time with her 15-year-old son. Her hobbies include arts & crafts and crocheting. But her true passion is collecting and nurturing indoor plants.


Heather is thankful for the opportunity at General Films and looks forward to a long and happy career as a dedicated and grateful employee.


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