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  • Model 89 | General Films

    Dairy Fluid Machine Model 89 SUBHEAD GOES HERE Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. ​ Contact or call to learn more.

  • Bag-In-Box Fillers | Bag-in-Box Systems from General Films

    BAG-IN-BOX SYSTEMS LOW MAINTENANCE STAINLESS STEEL FILLERS ​ To help increase your productivity and profitability, General Films offers three filler models with different levels of automation, speed, and fill capacity. Each unit exceeds all sanitary requirements, features all stainless-steel construction, and provides trouble-free, low-maintenance operation. We custom manufacture fillers for your unique application to precisely match the needs of your facility. ​ Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler Fills 8 to 9 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. This filler was developed with easy expansion in mind. It will take you from a single or dual head filler system to a fully automatic system with little or no additional floor space required. It offers simple, easy-to-use controls with a clean design and all stainless-steel construction. You can adjust the unit in seconds to permit bag size changes from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities, mix, or dispenser. Available in a selection of standard layouts or we can customize to your specifications. ​ Model 56 Double Head Semiautomatic Filler Fills 5 to 6 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. ​ Model 34 Single Head Semiautomatic Filler Fills 3 to 4 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. These three models feature +/- 0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. The cabinets offer a NEMA 4 construction which includes a programmable controller, auto start, decap, recap, and eject. Adjustable to permit bag size changes in seconds, from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities. All units are CIP capable. > Bag-In-Box Filler Model 89 < LEARN MORE ABOUT BAGS & FITMENTS Model 34 Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. Model 56 Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. MODEL 34 MODEL 56 MODEL 89 WEB Bag-In-Box Filler Specification Sheets ​ DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. Contact Rick Bornhorst , submit a Start A Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

  • Industrial Plastic Poly Film | Covington Ohio | General Films

    A Flexible Approach To Packaging CUSTOM FILM PRODUCTS BAG-IN-BOX SYSTEMS Flexible Film Made To Your Exact Specifications Quality Packaging For Food And Dairy CO-EXTRUDED SMC VFFS INDUSTRIAL BAGS & FITMENTS FILLERS " One of the most important qualities we see in films is the ability to duplicate a run, and General Films consistently duplicate their runs. Whether it's a week, a month, or several years later, you know the quality and specs received the first time will be matched in subsequent runs . " Denny Brashear, President - Vision Plastics MARKETS SERVED POULTRY FLUID DAIRY FOOD INDUSTRIAL HOME GOODS AUTOMOTIVE POULTRY OUR PROMISE TO YOU Accountability • Honesty • Passion • Family • Respect Family-owned since 1947, we manufacture the industry's leading flexible films for food processing and industrial markets with the passion and commitment to deliver the highest quality product with exceptional service that meets and exceeds your expectations. LEARN MORE EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Heather’s caring nature seemed destined and well-suited to the culture at General Films. Her career background in elder care, in-home care, and retail management played to her strengths... Read more about Heather Heather Falknor, Converting Day Crew Brenda is a lifelong resident of Piqua. She graduated from Piqua high school and boasts an impressive background in manufacturing, including IPC, NOV, and others. Read more about Brenda Brenda Williams, Night Shift Supervisor ASSOCIATIONS

  • Media And Videos | United States | General Films

    DIGITAL MEDIA MEDIA & VIDEOS General Films and its partners have authored a set of highly informative videos. These provide valuable insight into products, innovations, technical tips, and expertise that food and industrial manufacturers just like you every day. General Films Founder Roy Weikert's Innovative Legacy General Films Fluid Dairy Machine Model 89 General Films Poultry VFFS General Films cheese film for short- and long-hold applications.

  • Industrial Films, Bags and Liners | General Films

    INDUSTRIAL TOUGH FILMS THAT STAND UP IN CHALLENGING ENVIRONMENTS Industrial films and flexible packaging need to be tough. From the shop floor to warehouse and shipping applications and beyond, it’s simple: these products have to work. Our innovative industrial packaging solutions are engineered to be strong and effective; to do the jobs you ask of them time after time. We make coextruded films , box and barrel liners, pallet covers, machine films, pipe wraps, and much more. And because we know that no two clients’ needs are exactly the same, everything we deliver is always tailored to your exact specifications. ​ Dependable Industrial Packaging for All Applications We're your source for tough, affordable industrial packaging that protects your products. General Films offers a wide range of custom films from economically priced material for non-FDA regulated applications, to a single layer and coextruded films for special uses. We make linear, a low-density film from 7" tubing to large pallet covers and sheeting and offer a wide range of custom colors as well as a broad assortment of bags on rolls or separated. ​ Coextruded Film Products Some industrial packaging applications require the enhanced strength that only a coextruded film product provides. General Films uses multiple layers of different materials to greatly improve impact resistance and tear strength versus standard films or bags. And our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and bags are the perfect solutions for molding compounds, circuit boards, metal products, and other items that must be protected from environmental forces. Box and Barrel Liners Give us your requirements and we'll help size and specify liners for corrugated or drums. Because General Films is a custom resource, you'll get precisely the size and strength you need for your application. ​ Top Sheets Available as individually cut or perforated on rolls, top sheets protect pallets from dirt and moisture. We can help you package your product for maximum durability. ​ Shrink Bundling Films Custom-made to your specifications, our shrink bundling film provides an economical industrial packaging system. The high shrink force and contact clarity protect against in-transit damage, pilferage, and product tampering. ​ Pallet Covers General Films produces dependable polyethylene pallet covers with excellent puncture resistance, so your products arrive safely at their destination. They're available inside seal, bottom seal, and flat or gusseted bags so you get the best fit and most protection possible. Also available is a high-grade shrink version for tight product utilization and to reduce load shifting. ​ Machine Films Made from prime resin, our machine films offer the ultimate flexibility. You can use centerfold films on most L-sealers, and our single wound sheeting is standardized for shrink wrappers. Mattress manufacturers benefit from several grades of machine wrap films. General Films machine films are perfect for use on vertical form/fill/seal equipment. Performance Products Our packaging films can be formulated to meet rigorous requirements like automotive standard 302 or NFPA flame retardancy. Our antistatic films can meet military specifications or other static-resistant requirements. For sunlight exposure, UVI film provides a substantially longer use life. Light-sensitive products require our photo black film; impervious to sunlight. Many other performance attributes can be met with our ability to custom formulate various packaging films. ​ One of the most important qualities we see in films is the ability to duplicate a run, and General Films consistently duplicates their runs. Whether it is a week, a month, or several years later, you know the quality and specs received the first time will be matched in subsequent runs. " " Brashear, President, Vision Plastics Industrial Film Packaging Specifications Sheets ​ IS-120 Duratuf 120 Duratuf 130 IS-100 FC-20/67 Duratuf 75 Duratuf 100 DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS ​ > CLICK HERE to learn more about how our industrial packaging solutions protect your products every step of the way. CUSTOMER FOCUS

  • Roy's Innovations | General Films

    LEADING THE WAY THREE OF ROY'S PRIMARY INNOVATIONS #1 - Revolutionize Institutional Milk Packaging – The GefSystem INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT In the mid-20th century, cafeterias, food service operations, and vending machines dispensed milk from large (6-10 gallon) steel cans. The heavy cans were returned to the dairy after each use, washed, and refilled for the next customer’s bulk milk. Poly liners were an early GF product that improved sanitation, but the steel milk cans were quite expensive, relatively unsanitary…and would ultimately rust! Roy’s patented GefSystem used a lightweight, reusable plastic container into which a sanitary polyethylene liner was fitted. Using a GF-supplied machine, the dairy-filled bulk milk and ice cream mix in 3, 6, and 12-gallon packages, shipping to their institutional and food service customers. The concept was immensely successful and led to longer shelf life and higher-quality dairy products. LASTING IMPACT Bag-in-box packaging is widely used for products such as milk, wine, tomato products, and cleaning agents, among many others. General Films continues to serve dairy customers in the USA and abroad with 1 1/2 to 8-gallon bags. Used in conjunction with GF-supplied fillers, fluid milk and ice cream mix are packaged for food service and restaurant customers. #2 - Vertical Integration of Manufacturing INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT During General Films' first 20 years, the company sourced film from a few commercial suppliers, and converted the film into numerous early products: Nomarc hat liners, PlastiCup crock liners, SaniMox foot covers, plus cellophane and poly bags. As growth in the GefSystem fueled film demand, Roy decided to “make his own” film. In 1968 the company installed our first blown film extruding line and began producing film for customers outside of GF. By the early 1970s, custom film, made to order, for outside customers had eclipsed our converted products business. LASTING IMPACT Custom film represents about 75% of our sales volume. General Films supplies customers throughout the USA and Latin America. Markets served to include fresh chicken, cheese, produce, fluid milk, automotive, infrastructure/construction, and general-purpose industrial. Our products preserve freshness and provide leak-proof containment for chicken from processor to end customer. Our cheese packaging holds 40 & 640-pound cheese blocks and 500-pound barrels for as long as 2 years, offering protection during the aging process. We maintain the cleanliness of blow-molded dairy jugs awaiting filling. Our products reduce noise and prevent water infiltration in autos. We help to lengthen the service life of in-ground ductile iron water pipes. ​ Supplying wide-purpose poly to highly engineered nine-layer coextruded films, General Films is one of the oldest operating blown film plants in the USA. #3 - Long Shelf Life Food with Aseptic Packaging INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT While developing a high-speed bag-in-box filler for the GefSystem, Roy realized the approach could be adapted to package liquid foods in a completely sterile manner. Based on numerous patents, Roy founded a new company, Asepak Corporation, to pursue this work, which was well ahead of its time. The Asepak system could provide a very long shelf life in flexible film bags, an attractive alternative to the metal cans typically used at that time. ​ Having already experienced the possibilities inherent to multilayer coextruded films with a pioneering line installed in the mid-1970s, General Films added the first barrier film line in 1990. Made to Asepak specifications, General Films’ pouches provided barriers to oxygen, aroma, and flavor; with a shelf life of over one year possible. Roy operated Asepak until his “retirement” at age 90 in 2003. His innovation and commitment to Asepak became the catalyst for General Films to begin manufacturing barrier films. ​ LASTING IMPACT With continued investment in state-of-the-art blown film technology, General Films now operates two, nine-layer co-ex lines, producing films that contain layers of polyethylene, nylon, and ethylene vinyl alcohol. These films provide high barriers to oxygen and other gases for enhanced shelf life, high strength films for rough service applications, heat resistant products, and other highly engineered films for demanding applications. ​

  • Ask An Expert | United States | General Films

    ASK AN EXPERT ASK A PACKAGING EXPERT Enter your email and question below. Our experts will answer your inquiry ASAP. SUBMIT Your Question Has Been Sent "Virtually everything we buy for our business seems to be more expensive these days. What can I do to hold down the cost of my plastic pallet covers and parts bags?" ​ While we're all suffering pain at the gas pump, the rising cost of petroleum impacts us in many ways we don't even realize. Virtually everything from food to clothing to industrial equipment and supplies must be transported at a greater cost. Airlines are battling fuel costs, thus higher ticket prices and fewer flights. And the cost of anything made from petroleum-based raw materials ‐ like polyethylene film ‐ is going up. The good news is that there are a few ways you can manage your costs for industrial-grade film products. The first is to order film made from Industrial Packaging Grade (IPG) resins. General Films typically uses prime, certified resins to make our films. It's the best possible quality and is required for food packaging applications. For many industrial applications, however, we can use IPG resin which is often available at spot-market discounts. This material is still fully functional but has some characteristics that make it unacceptable for food, medical, or other critical applications. Using this resin enables us to reduce your costs by around 5% while maintaining the thickness and strength characteristics you desire. The resulting film is highly suitable for pallet top covers, barrel liners, or rolls of parts bags. ​ Another strategy is to re-examine the requirements of your application. Let's say you've always specified a certain thickness of material for the strength and durability you require. Our technical experts can analyze your needs and, by using a different grade of material, may be able to satisfy your requirements with a thinner product that still gives you all of the performance characteristics you need. This method saves some of our customers about 10% in unit costs. ​ Finally, you should be aware that some suppliers routinely reduce the thickness of their product by about 10%, which is still within accepted industry standards, and base your cost on the gross shipping weight. This combination of making a lighter product and basing the price on gross shipping weight may reduce your invoice cost by 5% - 10%. Although this is not our usual practice, we're happy to accommodate buyers if this method works to their advantage. ​ "Can I use coextruded films in laminations or replace laminated film to lower packaging cost?" ​ The quick answer is YES, and in two significant ways. The first way would be to substitute or replace coextruded barrier film in what was formerly a plain laminated structure without printing. The barrier need should be examined to match up the oxygen barrier requirement and whether the film needs to have nylon on the outside of the web for automatic FFS or in pouch making the conversion. ​ If the OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) barrier can be attained and package optics is not a concern, then there can be significant cost savings by switching to a coextruded film to replace a lamination. ​ The second way to save money is to use the barrier-coextruded film as the sealant layer in a lamination. For instance, NYLON or EVOH & Nylon, or some other possible barrier combinations, such as Nylon and, or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for added moisture barrier, whatever the specific barrier requirement is needed in the finished lamination. But it is worth examining coextruded flexible films as a cost savings alternative. With the correct use of coex films and careful evaluation of the packaging equipment and barrier testing, these coex films can be a great way to offset the rising cost and uncertainty of material pricing fluctuations in today’s competitive marketplace. ​ Contact: Tom Granata , submit a Start Your Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today! ​

  • Submit RFQ | United States | General Films

    RFQ SUBMIT YOUR RFQ Thanks for asking General Films to submit a proposal. Please fill out the form below and submit it along with the RFQ. We'll be back in touch very soon. Upload File Upload Documents (DOC,PDF,XLS) Max 5MB SUBMIT Your RFQ Has Been Sent

  • Apply For Credit | United States | General Films

    APPLY FOR CREDIT APPLY FOR CREDIT Your order will be held until this form is returned with all the information provided. If your order cannot be shipped on open account, you will then be notified. General Films agrees to keep this information strictly confidential.

  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Heather Falknor Converting Day Crew Heather’s caring nature seemed destined and well-suited to the culture at General Films. Her career background in elder care, in-home care, and retail management played to her strengths as a people person and one who loves to connect and give to others. Because of health reasons, Heather was out of the workforce for a few years. She started to actively ease back into work through a temp agency which included a position at General Films. That evolved into a full-time position at GF, which is fortunate not only for Heather but for General Films. Heather works on a day shift crew on the converting lines. What first struck Heather about GF is the company culture of family first. She and her shift mates produce bags for various end customers and markets. They have bonded and have become friends and family. “As soon as I started at General Films, I could feel the sense of family and that we take care of each other. That was important to me after not working for an extended period for health reasons. I just knew I was in the right place for me.” The best part is that they have each other’s backs. If someone is down or is experiencing issues, we rally around to support and encourage them. Whether it is one of the people on my shift, my supervisor, or senior management, I feel we always have each other’s backs. “The management team at General Films has been outstanding. They are very approachable; I never have to ask for anything because they are forward-thinking and proactively take care of my and our team’s needs.” During her days off, Heather enjoys spending time with her 15-year-old son. Her hobbies include arts & crafts and crocheting. But her true passion is collecting and nurturing indoor plants. Heather is thankful for the opportunity at General Films and looks forward to a long and happy career as a dedicated and grateful employee. ​ BACK

  • Flexible Film Solutions for Food Packaging | General Films

    FOOD OUR FILMS PROVIDE EXCELLENT OTR VALUES FOR CHEESE PACKAGING ​ ​General Film’s film structures for packaging cheese provide superior oxygen transmission rates (OTR) for both long & short-hold applications. This film structure is a high barrier coextruded film available in clear & colored for detection of film in cheese. General Films is SQF Certified & our institutional cheese packaging films exceed all FDA requirements. The film’s ease of use for loading bags on 40-pound block tower systems, 640 crates, machineability & overall strength makes this film a very versatile & cost-effective packaging solution for your demands. Features and Benefits Designed to withstand harsh environments and prevent damage to your product. Increasing throughput, while reducing downtime due to the exceptional film quality, puncture resistance, and performance. Ability to gas flush or draw a controlled vacuum for extended shelf life & product protection. Differential slip levels (COF) for the inside & outside of the material. > GF High Barrier Long Hold Sleeves & Sheet Film in Application < When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. " " Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager, Anderson Erickson Dairy Institutional Cheese Spec Sheets ​ BG/2M Coextruded 9-layer nylon film with a metallocene sealant layer, FDA approved two side sealing. Available in bags and or roll stock. Applications Short-hold cheeses – less than 90 days. 500 lbs. cheese barrels, gas flush, aroma, flavor barrier, printing & bag making, MAP packaging temperature. Use to180 degrees F. H2/BL Coextruded 9-layer film with EVOH barrier with VLDPE Metallocene sealant layers, FDA approved, two side sealing. Available in bags or roll stock. Applications Long hold cheese – greater than 90 days, gas flush, aroma, flavor, high barrier, baggers run on vertical form fill & sealing, bag printing & converting, MAP packaging temperature Use to 180 degrees F. DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS > CLICK HERE to learn more about how our packaging solutions are suited to meet your processing needs.

  • Custom Flexible Film Packaging for Food & Industrial Applications

    PRODUCTS CUSTOM FLEXIBLE FILM PRODUCTS FOR YOUR PACKAGING NEEDS While we have film and film-based solutions ready to serve, what makes General Films different is our ability to analyze your specific needs, then create a well-thought-out solution to meet those needs—and exceed your expectations! Our products are competitively priced and designed to work. What our customers appreciate most is that we’re large enough to tackle complex challenges, but, we’re also accessible, providing personalized service, on-time delivery, and an exceptional customer experience. CUSTOM FILM PRODUCTS BAG-IN-BOX SYSTEMS Flexible Film Made To Your Exact Specifications Quality Packaging For Dairy And Food CO-EXTRUDED SMC VFFS INDUSTRIAL BAGS & FITMENTS FILLERS

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