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David Cathie-Atkins

Day Shift Supervisor, Extrusion

David grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. He served in multiple branches of the US military, both active and reserve, for 11 years before transitioning to a federal & tribal law enforcement officer in Arizona.  

He then entered the private sector working at Abbott Nutrition for 10 years, starting in production and later elevated to production supervisor. While at Abbott, David was fortunate to see the country and experience different regions of the United States. One of the locations was Troy, Ohio, where he fell in love with the area and the people. Seizing the opportunity, David and his family moved to Troy in 2017 to work full-time at Abbott. Due to health reasons, David left Abbott and after a long recovery period, was ready to rejoin the workforce.

Although he enjoyed large companies, he looked for an opportunity with a smaller and more intimate environment to work in. After doing a significant amount of research, David discovered General Films and the rest, as they say, is history.


He brings the skills that he honed in the military and corporate America to GF, including discipline, leadership, people skills, and problem-solving, to name a few. David currently leads a team in the extrusion department.

“I really like the challenge of the 2nd shift. We work more cohesively and independently, solving our own problems and navigating through challenges.”


David states that many of the GF job requirements and skills are similar to Abbott's. However, the company environment at GF, the people, and the motivations are different. The company has an open and transparent environment while focusing on its people and customers. David sights a positive example of the company culture as the “Sunshine Committee,” which helps where and when necessary to make sure co-workers are taken care of in times of need. 


David is married and enjoys his growing family, which includes four sons, three daughters, ten grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren, including their newly arrived-first granddaughter.

Together they enjoy the outdoors, including kayaking and rolling down the highway on their Harley. David is also a member of the Improved Order of the Red Men in Troy and is especially active in their Alzheimer's research. 


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