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Founded in 1947, General Films manufactures flexible film for an extensive range of food packaging and industrial applications. Our films are customized to meet the exact needs and specifications of our customers. We produce a wide variety of sizes and formulations that are expertly produced to ensure that the exact features and attributes are matched to your specific packaging or industrial application. We use top quality resins and advanced blown film technology to produce high quality results. Our employees are knowledgeable and well-trained to operate and monitor the manufacturing process with precision and attention to detail.

Our Products Include:

  • CoEx and Barrier Films

  • Monolayer Films

  • CoEx Poly Films

  • Bag-in-Box Systems

One of the key advantages and strengths of General Films is our ability to analyze your needs and develop a solution for your exact situation. We operate an in-house laboratory to test and recommend formulations that often offer unexpected benefits and cost savings for our customers. We are experienced with an impressive range of resins which further contributes to our versatility and ability to customize your film.

For more than 75 years, General Films has mastered the art of flexible film manufacturing. Whether you need a fairly routine product or a complicated technical challenge, we can produce your film with a timely and resourceful approach. , Our service is attentive and personalized - from your first inquiry, to quotes, trials, orders, and delivery of your custom film solution.


Barrier, Mono, and Co-ex Poly Films Made to Your Exact Specifications


Quality Packaging For Liquid Food And Dairy


SMC, Furniture,
Other Industrial


Chicken, Cheese,
Dry Mixes, Other Foods

Gain More Value with a Family-Owned Bag-in-Box Partner

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