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Many perishable food products can benefit from MAP to maintain freshness and increase shelf life. By reducing oxygen levels and creating a carefully balanced atmosphere, MAP can help maintain color, texture, and other attributes to create an optimal packaging solution. MAP is a proven technique to reduce the use of preservatives, maintain flavor and aroma requirements, and retain nutritional value.


General Films offers a wide range of custom barrier films to protect and preserve your food products.  Our MAP bags and films are used to package meats, spices, cheeses, nuts, and more. For case-ready applications, we offer medium and high barrier options. Because we can customize film to you needs, we can accommodate various gas, flavor


Whether you need a barrier to protect against moisture, oxygen, light, oxidation, or other properties, General Films will custom engineer film to your exact specifications.  Our films are successfully used on all types of VFFS and other machines to maximize the quality and productivity of you packaging operation.  Our high performance barrier films can offer an outstanding packaging solution for your MAP application.

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