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The Right People

Truly our greatest asset is the combined knowledge and experience of our dedicated staff. Their willingness to solve customer problems, develop creative solutions, and apply their collective experience to difficult applications is invaluable. It's surpassed only by their dedication to outstanding customer service.

Versatile Extruding

General Films produces tubing, sheeting, bags on rolls, and customized products on three and 9-layer lines capable of running coextrusions nylon and EVOH. The polyethylene manufacturing lines can run tubing lengths from 7 inches to 12 feet.

Converting: Basic and Beyond

We offer a wide variety of standard-size, individually cut bags with a bottom seal or a side seal. They're ideal for hand packing or multi-station packaging. We'll design these bags to your specifications and can create custom-size bags for your unique applications from LLDPE, LDPE, EVA, nylon, and EVOH in 1, 3, and 9-layer films.

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Special Services to Promote Your Brand

Want to add your logo, product name, text, or a distinctive color to your packaging? General Films can oblige. We offer a wide variety of tinted and opaque film colors, in-line, one-color, random repeat printing, and ink-jet printing.

Product Development and Testing Laboratory

In our extensive product development and testing laboratory, our technical specialists can evaluate existing products and develop innovative solutions for your unique applications. We can test the melt index of incoming resins, the density of resin and film, the tensile strength of the film, the seal strength of bags, the impact strength of the film, and tear-resistance and barrier properties. All of these help us find new and better film packaging solutions while maintaining the quality and enhancing the performance of the products we make for you.

Nylon, EVOH, HDPE, EVA Metallocene, MDPE, LLDPE (all types), VLDPE, LDPE

General Information

Tint and opaque color capabilities, antistat, UVI, flame retardant


Corona Treating

  •  Inline

  • 10" random repeat

  • 1c/1s on bags

  • Tubing or cf sheeting with 20" - 68" Layflat


Coextruded Film


3 and 9-layer capabilities

Materials Used

Nylon, EVOH, HDPE, EVA Metallocene, MDPE, LLDPE (all types), VLDPE, LDPE

Tubing 30" - 90"
Single wound sheeting 15" - 90"
Centerfold sheeting 15" - 90"
Bags on rolls - both BS and SS
Separated bags - bottom or side seal
Thickness range .00125-.008 mil


Industrial Packaging

Materials Used

LLDPE (Butene, hexene, octene, metallocene) LDPE (standard, shrink) EVA (clarity), IPG (Industrial Grade) blends of the above materials of MDPE and HDPE


Flat and gusseted tubing 7-120"
Single wound sheeting 15-120"
Centerfold sheeting 7-120"
Multi-fold capabilities
Bags on rolls - both BS and SS; 18" layflat, minimum
Separated bags - bottom or side seal
Thickness range - .001 - .010 mil

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