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Katie Roseberry

Night Shift Supervisor, Converting 

It’s all in the family for Katie – both her traditional family but also her work family.


Her connections, like many at General Films, are generational. Family ties weave through GF and are passed down through parents or siblings. Katie’s stepmother Leann was a 19-year employee at General Films. When Leann retired for health reasons, she suggested to Katie, who was 19 at the time, that she should apply for the job. Without any hesitation, Katie jumped at the chance. In fact, Leann drove her to her interview. Katie was offered a position, and she happily accepted and has been a valued employee for GF for 14 years.

“I feel like I have grown up right here at General Films. The people I work with I consider my family. I enjoy our work environment and the camaraderie. The mood is always upbeat, and the support I receive from my co-workers is something special.”


Katie likes that she and all employees have direct and open access to management and departments like HR. They are always very responsive and helpful. Gus and Erin have worked hard and stayed on top of personnel issues like employee retention and training protocols, and that extra effort is noticed and appreciated.


“Even the president, Tim Weikert, is accessible and in touch with the entire team. He cares about us, knows our names, and takes a genuine interest in what we are doing on the job and at home. He is always asking me how my stepmom is doing.”


One of the most appealing benefits for Katie about working at GF is the 10-hour, 4-day work week that allows for a 3-day weekend. Katie says, “it provides more time for family and to just do the things that need to get done.”


Katie looks forward to a long career at General Films. She appreciates the company and what they mean to her and her family.

Katie is married, and they have four-legged family members. Rescue pups Storm- (husky) and Tyrion “Bubs” cockapoo (cocker spaniel poodle mix). Katie and her husband are heavily involved in the 501st Legion. She jokingly states that the 501st Legion is “bad guys doing good.”  The 501st Legion is an international Disney and Lucas Film-affiliated charity group where members dress in authentic Star Wars costumes and volunteer to raise money for The Ronald McDonald House, Dayton Children’s, and the Cincinnati Center for Autism, to name a few. Katie receives great joy in seeing the smiles on the faces of the children they entertain and serve. 


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