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When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. I like to say that this is a business relationship that has also become a great business friendship.

So says Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager for Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Colonno recalls his first encounter with General Films over 15 years ago: "We were dealing with another supplier that couldn't make delivery on some of the plastic fluid bags we use. Even though we weren't one of their regular customers, General Films got us out of a bind for several months by supplying bags that worked with our filling equipment. Frankly, I don't know what we would have done without them stepping in."

"We returned to our regular supplier out of a sense of loyalty, but a few years later we went back to General Films for our bags. Soon after, we worked closely with them to develop an automated web filler that would meet our specific needs. You might say we participated in the design of that filler and General Films was great to work with. They took me to see various fillers at other facilities and the prototypes they developed. Then they listened to what I had to say and acted on it."

GF Duotone.jpg
Although everyone's prices for plastic bags have gone up recently, General Films has remained very competitive and informative on all increases. They've had to raise some prices over the years, of course, but we feel they have been fair about it.

Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager for Anderson Erickson Dairy

Keith Nichols, Century Furniture’s Plant Three operations manager 

"In the same way, if I have a problem, they listen and quickly act to help us get back on track. Occasionally you have a panic situation as if we landed a new account that wants to get started tomorrow and requires a lot more bags than we have on hand. We can't tell a new customer they have to wait a week so that we can stock up on bags. But I can call General Films and they respond quickly to our needs; that's the real key. And from a quality standpoint, we haven't had any issues I can think of for the past several years."

The Anderson Erickson Dairy was founded in 1930 and continues to be family owned and operated. The third generation of family owners continues to live by the values of founder Iver Erickson while continuously investing in new technology to produce a full range of Quality You Can Taste dairy products.

To learn how General Films can help your operation realize greater efficiency, more secure packaging, and labor cost savings, contact Tom Granata or submit a Start Your Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

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