This story is about curiosity. The kind that sets visionary entrepreneurs apart from other business people. It's also about a family business, innovation, tenacity, and a 25-cent steam tank (more about that later). Mostly, this is the story of General Films, Inc. founder Roy Weikert who, at age 105, walked daily for exercise which was a key to his good health, played the stock market for fun and profit, and as Chairman of the Board of the company he began in 1938. 


Covington, Ohio based General Films, Inc. serves a wide range of industries with custom extruded film solutions, bag-in-box systems, VFFS, and industrial packaging. But the company began with a young Roy Weikert, his new fedora, and a jar of Brilliantine.

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Roy during one of his daily walks at age 105!
See How Roy Weikert's Innovative Spirit Revolutionized The Plastic Film Industry And Propelled General Films Into An Industry Leader.
Chronology of Roy Weikert & General Films, Inc.


October 22, 1913: Roy Weikert is born near Arcanum, Ohio


Roy decides to head west with 2 friends. They load up a 1929 Buick with camping gear. Roy ends up working in an F. W. Woolworth store in Davenport, Iowa


Roy enters the U.S. Army to serve in World War II


  • As the hat business declines, Roy investigates other opportunities, including bag-and-box systems for dairies

  • 1960s, General Films begins making its own plastic film


General Films, Inc. grows through product innovations and expansion into new markets with Roy’s nephew Tim Weikert as the company CEO. Roy J. Weikert 1913-2019


  • Weikert family moves to Covington, Ohio

  • During the Great Depression, Roy works in a grocery store earning 10 cents per hour


Roy develops hat liners and hat covers made from Pliofilm


Following the war, Roy restarts his business in Covington with his brother, Wayne


  • Roy builds a second factory in Sidney, Ohio

  • Inflation, business fall-off and debt force the company into reorganization. The Sidney facility is sold off and the company retrenches in Covington