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Customized 9 Layer Coextrusions offer the ability to custom design and manufacture packaging films. We can precisely provide the right solution for your food processing needs. Whether you are looking for unique barrier properties, transmission rates, excellent sealing, impact resistance, or other performance criteria, General Films delivers.

Weak or poorly manufactured poultry bags can pose all kinds of problems for fresh chicken purveyors. Because the risk of illnesses associated with potential contamination from raw chicken purge is so great, just a few punctures, tears, or leaks can transform an entire shipment of product into waste and a sizeable return. Our custom-engineered pre-made Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) poultry bags are made to securely pack fresh whole and or cut-ups and work to reduce leaks and lost profits. Also if your operation is running fresh or IQF on vertical form fill seal (VFFS) machines, our engineered multi-layered coextruded films provide unmatched product protection, enhanced process efficiency, and superior ROI through greater productivity, less waste, and more satisfied customers.

Key Benefits for Fresh Chicken Include:​

  • Excellent physical properties, ranging from the sealant to impact strength, significant reduction in leaker rates

  • Increased profitability through enhanced productivity

  • Fewer rejects and increased customer satisfaction

  • Higher impact strength, higher tensile strength, a substantially wide-ended heat seal window

  • Approximately 50 percent stiffer than the traditional solution

  • Significant throughput improvement allows for expanded production and a lower labor footprint

  • Ideal for high-speed large-volume poultry packaging production


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After making the switch, leaker rates greatly diminished. Overall profitability grew substantially through enhanced productivity, fewer product rejects, and increased customer satisfaction. 

Fresh Chicken Packaging Films

Controlled Vacuum Packaging Film & Bags

  • Our vacuum/dry pack poultry (CVP) bags extend the shelf life and appearance of whole birds, parts, or shelf-ready tray product protection.


PV-40 (CVP Bags) (Fresh) 

  • The co-ex film with HDPE barrier and Metallocene sealant layer, FDA approved with uses up to 180 F, One-sided sealing, Available in bags or roll stock, Superior stiffness, excellent tear resistance, engineered to eliminate leakers.

BG/2M (Fresh) 

  • Coextruded 9-layer nylon film to reduce leaker rates.  FDA approved with excellent puncture resistance and performance. Able to withstand higher seal bar temperatures to increase VFFS machine throughput. 

VF2 (Fresh or IQF) 

  • Co-ex film with HDPE barrier where speed and throughput are desired.  Can be used in fresh or IQF applications. Superior stiffness, Dart with very good tear and puncture resistance.

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Stepping Up to the Plate

Americans consume more chicken than any other consumer in the world. Per capita consumption of chicken is expected to total 96.5 lbs. this year and to increase to 97.8 lbs. in 2021, according to the National Chicken Council.  > READ MORE

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