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    VFFS Films Case Study Stepping Up to the Plate ​ ​ Americans consume more chicken than any other consumer in the world. Per capita consumption of chicken is expected to total 96.5 lbs. this year and to increase to 97.8 lbs. in 2021, according to the National Chicken Council. Fueling this increase is product variety. As a result, chicken packaging formats vary widely to meet specific processor and product needs and include bags, films, and vacuum roll stock packaging, among others. ​ "Packaging advances have improved the safety and quality of poultry products," said Scott Russell, professor of poultry processing and products microbiology at the University of Georgia, in discussing a study on the effects of packaging on the value chain for the chicken industry titled "Chicken and Packaging: A Sustainable Partnership," from AMERIPEN (American Institute for Packaging and the Environment). ​ We have seen a trend of vacuum-packed, individually wrapped products [i.e., Perdue's boneless, skinless individually wrapped chicken breasts]," says Gwen Venable, vice president of communications with the US Poultry & Egg Association. "We have also seen more value-added packaging [i.e., drumsticks that are packaged two per pack and marinated], as well as a reduction in the amount of packaging to protect the product." ​ Packaging must lure hurried shoppers to the refrigerated case, plus it must allow labeling that is helpful to consumers, among other things. But most importantly, all packaging must ensure maximum product integrity. ​ Innovation never sleeps. Powertray LLC, Mackville, NC, was conducting a test with a supermarket chain and major chicken processor, says Huston Keith, principal of Marietta, GA-based Keymark Associates. The refrigerated chicken was packaged in a coated, pressed paper­board tray that was biodegradable. ​ "Bell & Evans is using a PET tray they say is fully recyclable and uses the native barrier of PET," he adds. "It's a vacuum-skin package and it's sold at Whole Foods and other chains." ​ Providing Solutions General Films Inc. (GFI), Covington, Ohio, recognized for years that the vertical form/fill/seal "space" for fresh chicken suffered from high leaker rates. This realization led to the development of BG/2M film, says Tim Weikert, president. ​ BG/2M is a coextruded film with a nylon barrier, featuring two-sided sealing, Octene LLD PE sealant layers, and a nylon interior ply. It is a nine-layer structure, so it provides excellent physical properties, ranging from the sealant to impact strength, says Tom Granata, vice president of sales. This film was designed for fresh poultry packaged on a vertical form/fill/seal machine. ​ GFI began BG/2M trials with a medium-sized US chicken processor. Although experiencing good results, the customer initially balked at its higher pricing. "But we kept sampling and they kept trialing. Finally, they replaced their previous film with our product," Weikert says. ​ Pricing of the new product (on a mil-to-mil basis) resulted in a price increase of about 70 percent more when compared to more traditional packaging. But when factoring in down­gauging opportunities this new film affords, the price goes down. Granata explains the processor was using a 3.25 mil film at one plant that was replaced with a 2.5 mil film that still reduced leaker rates. And the processor achieved much more yield compared to previous yields. With the printing cost factored in, the increase is closer to 40 percent. The film prints well and labels designed for PE films readily adhere. On this processor's line, each 10-lb. sealed, formed pouch of fresh chicken now withstands the rigors of rugged processing and distribution. After making the switch, leaker rates greatly diminished. Overall profitability grew substantially through enhanced productivity, fewer product rejects, and increased customer satisfaction. The processor is seeing a minimum leaker reduction of 50 percent. " " Tom Granata, Vice President, General Films Keith Nichols, Century Furniture’s Plant Three operations manager "BG/2M features higher impact strength, higher tensile strength, a substantially wide-ended heat seal window, the film is about 50 percent stiffer than the traditional solution, which benefits the vertical form/fill/ seal machines," he adds. ​ This processor banked a 20-percent throughput improvement on its packaging lines. This allowed expanded production with a lower footprint on labor. Increased throughput allowed the temperature on the seal to increase so it runs a little faster yielding increased productivity. Contact Tom Granata , submit a Start A Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today! BACK TO VFFS FILM

  • Contact Us | United States | General Films

    CONTACT US / CUSTOMER SERVICE General Films 645 South High Street Covington, Ohio 45318 Phone: 1.888.436.3456 Local: 1.937.473.2051 Fax: 937.473.2403 Contact Linda Lyons SUBMIT Your Message Has Been Sent Linda Lyons BACK TO CONTACT PAGE

  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    OUR TEAM EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Heather Falknor Converting Day Crew Heather’s caring nature seemed destined and well-suited to the culture at General Films. Her career background in elder care, in-home care, and retail management played to her strengths as a people person who loves to connect and give to others. > READ MORE David Cathie-Atkins Day Shift Supervisor, Extrusion David grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. He served in multiple branches of the US military, both active and reserve, for 11 years before transitioning to a federal & tribal law enforcement officer in Arizona. > READ MORE Katie Roseberry Night Shift Supervisor, Converting Her connections like many at General Films are generational. Family ties weave through GF and are passed down through parents or siblings. > READ MORE Dawn Wehrman Customer Service Representative Dawn seemed destined to work at General Films. Her career path has woven through numerous manufacturing environments before switching gears at Honda to customer service and cumulating with her joining General Films in the spring of 2021. > READ MORE Linda Lyons Senior Customer Service Representative When you love what you do, it’s gratifying to work hard each day. That’s how Linda Lyons feels about her career at General Films over the past 34 years. She appreciates being part of a talented team, with positive company culture, and the shared understanding that everyone is treated with integrity and respect. > READ MORE

  • Community | United States | General Films

    COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AND INNOVATION SHINES BRIGHT AT GENERAL FILMS Covington, OH— Sunday, November 29, 2020 The General Films Christmas party is typically a time for our associates to gather and celebrate the holidays with a festive dinner. Due to the coronavirus, this annual tradition was reformatted to ensure everyone could stay safe, healthy, and socially distanced. The new format was initially planned as an outdoor gathering, like an old-fashioned Christmas Market, but the pandemic issues continued...which required us to change the event once again. This time, we created a Drive-thru experience, with several individual tents arranged around the GF facility for our associates and their families to enjoy. The Drive-thru included many stops with gift items, kettle corn, hot cocoa, a food truck, Santa, holiday lights, and more. GF employees, including the senior leadership team and the Sunshine Committee, staffed each tent. The event provided a great opportunity to individually thank our associates for their dedication to GF and express appreciation for their outstanding effort during such a challenging year. Although it was a different approach, we were pleased to continue our annual GF Christmas tradition - and It was a wonderful day to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season! Clicked to Enlarge, View and Scroll the Full Gallery COVINGTON SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION RECOGNIZES GENERAL FILMS FOR LEGACY OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT Covington, OH—October 9, 2020 General Films was awarded the Ohio School Board Association’s Business Honor Roll at the September 16, 2020, Covington Exempted Village Schools Board of Education meeting. For 75 years, General Films has been honored to partner with our community on education initiatives. The OSBA Business Honor Roll program recognizes just that—areas where businesses and schools are able to collaborate, ensuring that schools receive the support and real-world experience they need today while businesses are able to share the workforce skills students needs for tomorrow. General Films Founder Roy J. Weikert began his education in a single-room schoolhouse before eventually graduating from Covington High School. Following graduation, Roy attended Columbia University in New York City and completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Roy’s passion for learning was reflected not only in his formal education but also in his profession. A lifelong learner, it was Roy’s insatiable curiosity and inventiveness that led to General Films. Prior to WWII, Roy invented a manufacturing process that pioneered the Company’s first product; a plastic protector for men’s hats. Following service in the war—and along with his brother, Wayne—Roy’s curiosity and energy turned to creating new products and building a manufacturing business. It was then that General Films was officially founded, making Roy an industry icon and flexible film leader. Today, General Films’ commitment to education and invention continues. Through the RJW Foundation, General Films presented Covington EVS with a gift that funded computers, plus a business education initiative. Later donations supported renovations and improvements to the school’s theatre. It was Roy’s nephew and current General Films CEO Tim Weikert who accepted the award. “Covington continues to be the setting for our company and family’s story,” said Tim Weikert. “We are honored to help support a new generation of learners and innovators, who we hope will look to Roy and General Films as their inspiration.” AT HOME IN OUR COMMUNITY​ Since 1947, we have been a fixture in our community and active supporters of local schools, charities, and civic outreach organizations. From employee food and clothing drives that help the less fortunate to sponsoring youth sports and scholarship programs, we take our responsibility to our community seriously, and so do our employees. Many members of our General Films family freely devote their time and energy outside of work to help improve the quality of life for others. ​ On a national scale, the company has made large equipment donations to support several educational institutions, including Food Sciences in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University and the dairy programs at Penn State University and Cornell University. Our founder, Roy J. Weikert, also made significant donations in his lifetime and through his estate to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. ​ Several local and regional organizations have also been beneficiaries of Roy’s generosity. General Films recently hosted an event for community leaders to share information about the company and distribute additional philanthropic gifts to several local groups. Some organizations that received funds from Roy’s estate include the Village of Covington, Covington Exempted Village Schools, Covington Fire & Rescue, Covington-Newberry Historical Society, Covington Church of the Brethren, and the Brethren Retirement Community in Greenville. The event provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect on Roy’s life, recognize the impact that he had on General Films and the local community, and celebrate more than $500,000 of donations over the past two years

  • Literature Downloads | United States | General Films

    IMAGE GALLERY The team at GF enjoyed Kona Ice treats and Hawaiian shirt day last week. Breaking up the summer heat and hanging out with coworkers. General Films co-workers sharing the love on Valentine's Day. General Films co-workers having a blast at Kings Island GF families having a ball at the 2021 Christmas party. General Films enjoys time together celebrating Christmas at Light On The Hill in Casstown Great team. Great comradery. Great time. Thank you to the team at GF for a successful year in challenging times. The General Films Team Enjoy a Night Out at the Dayton Dragons. Adding a fun twist to the normal Friday workday, GF associates dawned Hawaiian shirts. Aloha!

  • CoExtruded Films | General Films

    FILM FOR FOOD PACKAGING FILM SOLUTIONS CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR FOOD PACKAGING SPECIFICATIONS ​ Customized 3 and 9 Layer Coextrusions with the ability to custom design and manufacture packaging films, we can provide precisely the right solution for your needs. Whether you're looking for unique barrier properties, transmission rates, excellent sealing, impact resistance, or other performance criteria, General Films delivers. ​ Packaging Film For Food Processors Retaining freshness and shelf life when transporting food items is more important than ever for a healthy bottom line. That's why General Films is your best choice for customized food packaging. Bring us your greatest challenges and we'll work with you to develop a practical, cost-effective solution. Here are some of the ways we currently serve the food industry: Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) And Barrier Films Our MAP bags and films are used to package meats, spices, cheeses, nuts, and more. For case-ready applications, we offer medium and high barrier options. Because we can customize the film to accommodate various gas, flavor, and aroma requirements, these products can significantly extend product life. Converter Film Ideal for printing, laminating, or making standard bags, General Films coextrusions can also be custom-made to match your exact requirements. We offer a wide range of polyethylene-based coex, nylon, and EVOH barrier films. Just as important, we combine tight tolerances, special packaging, and large production rolls that reduce downtime so you enjoy greater throughput and return on investment. Chicken/Dry Pack Bags Our vacuum/dry pack poultry bags extend the shelf life and appearance of whole birds, parts, or shelf-ready tray packs. General Films' pinhole-free coextruded film provides tailored moisture, oxygen, and carbon dioxide barriers for better product protection. Additionally, a special seal layer gives you a wide seal temperature range to compensate for ever-changing plant conditions. To enhance productivity, our puncture-resistant film is specially compounded for the safe, efficient handling of sharp bone-in products. Bulk Cheese Packaging General Films manufactures bulk cheese packaging for 40 lb. tower blocks, 500 lb. barrels, and 640 lb. blocks. Providing maximum adaptability for chamber and vacuum sealing equipment, this film is a clear or colored, medium barrier, five, and nine-layer coextruded product. Its flexibility, toughness, heat sealability, and precise gas and water transmission rates make this a versatile and cost-effective solution for all of your short and long-hold product needs. Other Food Packaging Films Precut lettuce, salad mix, and other produce enjoy longer shelf life, excellent taste, color, and freshness with General Films coextruded film or bag produce packaging. We can design oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor barriers for each specific product. Plus, a wide heat seal range assures quick and tight vacuum closures. And we have a complete line of vertical form fill and seal film for precut produce packaging. Our coextruded freezer plate/crust films are ideal for demanding IQF applications. FDA approved for poultry to seafood, our freezer plate/crust film exhibits exceptional stiffness and toughness with less elongation and tear. Savings Focus Can I use coextruded films in laminations or replace laminated films to lower packaging costs? > READ MORE ​ We Meet or Exceed Government Standards Third-party auditors regularly inspect General Films to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and all applicable HAACP program requirements. We submit film samples to independent laboratories each month for microbiological testing. And we are inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance with the Interstate Milk Shippers standards, as prescribed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For these reasons, you can depend on General Films fluid milk dairy packaging to meet the highest industry standards. One of the most important qualities we see in films is the ability to duplicate a run, and General Films consistently duplicates their runs. Whether it is a week, a month, or several years later, you know the quality and specs received the first time will be matched in subsequent runs. " " Brashear, President, Vision Plastics Custom Coextruded Film Specifications Sheets ​ BG/2M SM/2M H2/Re4 H2/BL LB-725 LB-730 PV/40 PR-2/175 CB Film DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS Types 3 and 9 layer capabilities Materials Used Nylon, EVOH, HDPE, EVA, Metallocene, MDPE, LLDPE (all types), VLDPE, LDPE Availability Tubing 30" - 90"Single wound sheeting 15" - 90"Centerfold sheeting 15" - 90"Bags on rolls - both BS and SSSeparated bags - bottom or side seal Thickness range .00125-.008 mil Contact Tom Granata , submit a Start A Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

  • Furniture Bags & Mattress Wrappings | Custom Films for Home Goods

    FURNITURE FILMS THAT PROTECT YOUR HOME DELIVERY ​ Our flexible film solutions are durable, just like the furniture it protects. From the factory to the showroom floor, General Films helps our customers keep furniture and mattresses sale-ready. The wrap used on home goods has to withstand transport, storage, floor sets, and delivery to the customer. And our flexible film solutions stand up to the challenge—with tough, durable designs made to slide, not tear. We work collaboratively with our customers to provide flexible film solutions designed to fit—and at a lower price point than our competitors! ​ Dependable Industrial Packaging for All Applications We're your source for tough, affordable industrial packaging that protects your products. General Films offers a wide range of custom films from economically priced material for non-FDA regulated applications, to a single layer and coextruded films for special uses. We make linear, a low-density film from 7" tubing to large pallet covers and sheeting and offer a wide range of custom colors as well as a broad assortment of bags on rolls or separated. ​ Coextruded Film Products Some industrial packaging applications require the enhanced strength that only a coextruded film product provides. General Films uses multiple layers of different materials to greatly improve impact resistance and tear strength versus standard films or bags. And our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and bags are the perfect solutions for molding compounds, circuit boards, metal products, and other items that must be protected from environmental forces. The first bag they came back with was less expensive than what we were using and did the job, but General Films wasn’t satisfied. They kept tweaking it and got us a bag that was even less expensive, going above and beyond to find the best possible product for us. " " Keith Nichols, Operations Manager, Century Furniture CUSTOMER FOCUS Creating A Comfortable Solution Only General Films took the time to truly understand Century’s process, ultimately delivering shrink film and bags that sped up the packaging process and significantly reduced costs, all while protecting products for worldwide shipment. > READ MORE ​ Industrial Film Packaging Specifications Sheets ​ FC-20/67 Duratuf 75 Duratuf 100 Duratuf 120 Duratuf 130 IS-100 IS-120 DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS > CLICK HERE to learn more about how our industrial packaging solutions are suited for protecting your products, every step of the way

  • Horizontal Flow Wrapper Films | United States | General Films

    INDUSTRY EXPERTISE LEADING THE WAY IN FILM PACKAGING ​ ​ With over 70 years of experience in flexible film packaging, expert design and application specialists, and a history of meeting challenges that push the limits of technology, General Films has a unique body of knowledge to share with our customers. ​ APPLICATION SPOTLIGHT ​ Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) Machines Provide Unique Food Packaging Solutions Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) machines (also known as horizontal, thermoform, fill, and seal machines) are designed to package luncheon meats, hot dogs, rising crust pizza, and other food products. Users can configure these versatile machines to make a variety of packages per cycle and produce food pouches of various sizes and depths by changing the sealing and cutting dies. Plastic films for use with HFFS equipment include a base, or forming, film drawn through the machine in which a heated metal die thermoforms a pocket. The food product is then manually or automatically inserted into the pocket. Next, the package is sealed around the edges by applying a top or non-forming film onto the base web. Then a knife or die-cutting device separates the pouches. This process lends itself equally well to vacuumed hard-pack products, such as hot dogs and MAP gas-flushed pillow packs for shaved meat and other applications. In addition to the medium to high-barrier films most commonly used on HFFS machines, certain applications may require low-barrier and permeable (gas-sterilized) films. However, typical films use nylon laminations or coextrusions with polyethylene, while high-barrier versions use EVOH or coatings to reduce gas permeation. Base webs, which must allow for thinning during the thermoforming process, are usually 4 to 6 mils thick. Top webs may be as thin as 2 to 3 mils. If you are a food processor or an HFFS machine manufacturer, General Films is happy to provide special considerations to develop and test film products for your specific equipment. Often H1/BW is used as a forming layer and VF/1M for non-forming webs. Please contact Tom Granata for more information > CONTACT TOM ​ Technical Information Roll Wind Descriptions Measuring Pallet Covers Poly 101

  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Dawn Wehrman Customer Service Representative Dawn seemed destined to work at General Films. Her career path has woven through numerous manufacturing environments before switching gears at Honda to customer service and cumulating with her joining General Films in the spring of 2021. ​ Dawn attended and graduated from Sinclair Community College in Dayton, Ohio, with an Associate Degree in Applied Science for Business Management and certifications in business management, supervisory skills, and supervision foundations. Fortunately for all the clients Dawn now touches, she soon realized her calling and passion was in the customer service side of the business and not the management side. This career path fits with her personal values and aligns with the customer-focused mission at GF. “I knew in just a few weeks of working at General Films that this was a special place. From Tim (the president) to the people on the production floor, we all strive to serve our customers best collectively.” Dawn is the epitome of a customer service rep that is enthusiastically motivated and thrives on helping others. She loves to listen to her customer’s needs and then proactively puts into motion a plan that diligently and collaboratively fulfills their needs. “I just love working with clients. I take pride in helping people, solving their problems, and delivering on the General Films promise of producing a quality product with exemplary customer service,” states Dawn. Dawn is a proficient multi-tasker that continually juggles communications, and production schedules, monitoring tight lead times to final shipping and delivery. She enjoys jumping in where needed to help her customers collaboratively with her General Film teammates. Dawn’s attributes of passion, enthusiasm, detail, and flexibility shine through for her customers. “I really enjoy working in fast-paced environments where juggling and adapting is required. I call it thriving on chaos.” She respects the collaborative spirit and points out how everyone is always very helpful to pass their knowledge on as she learns more about her new role and the plastics industry. Dawn is a lifelong learner and adamant about knowing all she can about the plastics industry, thus allowing her to serve her customers better. Dawn is recently engaged, and she and her fiancé love to travel. In her spare time, Dawn is an active flower gardener, especially fond of roses! She also loves to read, primarily fiction and fantasy. ​ BACK

  • Associations/Certifications | United States | General Films

    NEWS & EVENTS IN THE NEWS General Films, Inc, May 16, 2022 Village of Covington, OH Accepts Roy J Weikert Trust Commitment At the opening Council session on May 16, 2022, the Village of Covington, Ohio, and Mayor McCord announced the acceptance of a commitment by the Roy J Weikert Trust to fund the development of an amphitheater at Schoolhouse Park in the heart of Covington. President of General Films Tim Weikert and Linda Daniel, the RJW trustee, were present at the meeting and graciously thanked the council. Linda spoke on behalf of the RJW Trust and the Weikert family. Linda talked about Roy’s love for Covington, their family, and especially his love of music. The family was proud to support the amphitheater’s design and construction and look forward to many concerts and happy families that will enjoy this park for generations to come. General Films, Inc, March 31, 2022 Roy J. Weikert Trust donation to the Covington Fire & Rescue assists in funding a new ambulance Tim Weikert, President of General Films, Inc., and Linda Daniel, Trustee, visited with the dedicated leadership & members of the Covington Fire & Rescue, pictured here. Chief Bart Weer guided a tour of the firehouse, equipment, crew quarters, and training facilities. Tim & Linda were given a demonstration of the new Medic/ambulance and its impressive capabilities. Linda shared a personal story of the group’s impact on the Weikert family; Wayne Weikert, the co-founder of General Films, was saved by the CF&R after being severely injured in an automobile accident. The new Medic/ambulance was acquired with funding assistance by the Roy J. Weikert Trust. General Films, Inc. September 1, 2021 Covington Schools and General Films Make a Lasting Community Impact The Roy J Weikert Trust has funded two major projects with the Covington Schools. Linda Daniel, Trustee, and Tim Weikert, President of General Films, (both CHS graduates) toured the school complex last week to learn first-hand of the gift's impact. Computers, software, and technology upgrades to the Covington High School Technology Lab. Showing L/R - CHS Principal Josh Meyer, General Films President Tim Weikert, Roy J. Weikert Trustee Linda Daniel, & CHS Business and Technology Teacher Kristi Home. Stage lighting and controls for the multipurpose center, including advanced LED lights, elevated positioning cage, & remote controls. Showing L/R - General Films President Tim Weikert, Roy J. Weikert Trustee Linda Daniel, CHS Principal Josh Meyer, and Schools Superintendent Gene Gooding. General Films, Inc. August 31, 2021 At General Films, everything we do starts and ends with safety General Films continues to invest in the safety of its associates by asking every associate to attend OSHA 10 training over the course of several weeks. But it didn't stop there. General Films then had all 14 leaders continue with OSHA 30 training to ensure an active and committed effort to the safety program. ​ “Everything we do starts and ends with safety." General Films, Inc. November 29, 2020 Christmas Spirit and Innovation Shine at the 2020 Christmas Event The General Films Christmas party is typically a time for our associates to gather and celebrate the holidays with a festive dinner. Due to the coronavirus, this annual tradition was reformatted to ensure that everyone could stay safe, healthy, and socially distanced. Read More> General Films, Inc. Updated October 9, 2020 ​ Covington School Board of Education Recognizes General Films for Legacy of Community Service Covington, OH—October 9, 2020 — General Films was awarded the Ohio School Board Association’s Business Honor Roll at the September 16, 2020, Covington Exempted Village Schools Board of Education meeting. For 75 years, General Films has been honored to partner with our community on education initiatives. The OSBA Business Honor Roll program recognizes just that—areas where businesses and schools are able to collaborate, ensuring that schools receive the support and real-world experience they need today while businesses are able to share the workforce skills students needs for tomorrow. > READ MORE ​

  • General Films: A Custom Manufacturer of Flexible Packaging Films

    ABOUT GENERAL FILMS​ Anything But Ordinary If your flexible packaging film needs are anything but ordinary, you need an extraordinary supplier. For more than 70 years, General Films has delivered custom-designed, competitively-priced packaging that precisely matches customer requirements. We're large enough to tackle complex challenges yet flexible enough to provide personalized service, on-time delivery, and exceptional customer support. As a custom manufacturer of flexible film packaging, our product is much more than the film and film-based items we make. It's also our ability to analyze your specific needs and create a well-thought-out solution that meets your criteria and exceeds your expectations. > The General Films Experience General Films combines in-depth expertise and experience with advanced manufacturing capabilities to craft everything from simple, one-layer films to complex packaging requiring up to 9 layers of materials. With these unique capabilities, we develop packaging and systems that keep produce , meat , dairy, and other foods fresher longer, while blocking out contaminants. In the same way, we create industrial packaging that's tough enough to protect palletized products, spare parts and machinery from the elements while containing any liquids, powders or other substances. Up

  • Careers | United States | General Films

    CAREERS YOUR FUTURE STARTS HERE ​ We are always looking for quality team members at General Films. They are the strength of our organization and a key to our 70-plus years of manufacturing success. VIEW OPEN POSITIONS Our Benefits Include: Competitive compensation packages Comprehensive benefits package including medical, dental, and life insurance Paid vacations that start during your first year of employment 401k plan to help build financial security for you and your family Profit-sharing allows each employee to benefit from a job well done A fun, stable, hard-working, and rewarding family atmosphere Shift options to work with you and your family's needs Part-time and full-time opportunities Three-day 12-hour weekend shift is available for select jobs As soon as I started at General Films, I could sense it was a great place for me. My co-workers have been terrific to work with, and we all share the desire to do our best for the company and most importantly, our customers. " " Brenda W.

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