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General Films is equipped with technologically, advanced machinery, and proven processes to manufacture SMC carrier film which meets the critical needs of the sheet molding compound market. General Films is a custom manufacturer of flexible 9-layer coextruded film for the SMC (sheet molding compound) and BMC (bulk molding compound) markets. We start with only the best raw materials and resins for our products and maintain the highest levels of quality control throughout the manufacturing process to deliver a product that matches our customer’s exact specifications. We take pride in exceeding expectations.

General Films SMC Features and Benefits Include

  • Exceptional tensile strength with limited elongation

  • Two-side seal structure with a low heat seal initiation temperature

  • Low peel force sealant layer, for the consistent film releasing prior to molding

  • Available in:

    • Single wound sheeting in widths from 28” to 66” inches

    • Thickness ranges from 0.95 to 4 mil.

    • Clear and yellow tint

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General Films is equipped with technologically, advanced machinery, and proven processes to manufacture SMC carrier film.

General Films SMC Carrier Film Supports Our Customer's Markets Including

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Specific Applications

  • Demanding electrical environments 

  • Corrosion-resistant needs

  • Low-cost structural components

  • Class A body panels

  • Business equipment and cabinets

  • Trucking components

  • Personal watercraft and recreational vehicles

  • Commercial structural components

  • Plumbing and bathroom fixtures

  • Automotive 

Packaging Film For Diverse Applications

Our coextruded nylon SM2M carrier film is manufactured with consistency in mind; using high-grade nylon interior plies for added stiffness and styrene barrier using the highest level of quality in order to minimize/eliminate gels and carbons which can cause film tears when passing under the doctor box.​

SMC Carrier Film for Industry Applications

We Meet or Exceed Government Standards

Third-party auditors regularly inspect General Films to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and all applicable HAACP program requirements.

What Is Sheet Molding Compound?

Sheet Molding Compound (SMC) is a ready-to-mold glass-fiber reinforced polyester. SMC is used primarily in compression molding for diverse and demanding commercial and industrial markets such as automotive, construction, petrochemical, food & beverage, and recreational equipment.


SMC is both a process and reinforced composite material. This is manufactured by dispersing long strands of chopped fiber, commonly on a bath of thermoset resin. The longer fibers in SMC result in better strength properties than standard Bulk Molding Compound products.

What Are The Advantages of SMC?

  • SMC benefits from a very high volume production ability

  • Excellent part reproducibility

  • Cost-effective as low labor requirements are needed for production 

  • Industry scrap is reduced substantially

  • Products produced are much lighter than typical metal parts

  • A higher level of flexibility than typical parts 

  • SMC can also be easily produced at a high volume as the molding process allows for a shorter production cycle

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The SMC Production Process

Using a compression molding press, the paste reservoir dispenses a measured amount of specified resin paste onto a plastic carrier film. This carrier film passes underneath a chopper which cuts the fibers onto the surface. Once these have drifted through the depth of resin paste, another sheet is added on top, which sandwiches the glass. The sheets are compacted and then entered onto a take-up roll, that stores the product while it matures. Using consistent heat and pressure, the SMC evenly spreads to properly fill the mold and create complex parts that are lightweight, cost-effective, durable, and lightweight.


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