Furniture bags and mattress wrappings that provide durable solutions with clarity and toughness.



Our flexible film solutions are durable, just like the furniture it protects. From the factory to show room floor, General Films helps our customers keep furniture and mattresses sale-ready.


The wrap used on home goods has to withstand transport, storage, floor sets, and delivery to the customer. And our flexible film solutions stand up to the challenge—with tough, durable designs made to slide, not tear.


We work collaboratively with our customers to provide flexible film solutions designed to fit—and at a lower price point than our competitors!

Dependable Industrial Packaging for All Applications

We're your source for tough, affordable industrial packaging that protects your products. General Films offers a wide range of custom films from economically priced material for non-FDA regulated applications, to a single layer and coextruded films for special uses. We make linear, a low-density film from 7" tubing to large pallet covers and sheeting and offer a wide range of custom colors as well as a broad assortment of bags on rolls or separated.

Coextruded Film Products

Some industrial packaging applications require the enhanced strength that only a coextruded film product provides. General Films uses multiple layers of different materials to greatly improve impact resistance and tear strength versus standard films or bags. And our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and bags are the perfect solution for molding compounds, circuit boards, metal products and other items that must be protected from environmental forces.

Box and Barrel Liners

Give us your requirements and we'll help size and specify liners for corrugated or drums. Because General Films is a custom resource, you'll get precisely the size and strength you need for your application.

Top Sheets

Available as individually cut or perforated on rolls, top sheets protect pallets from dirt and moisture. We can help you package your product for maximum durability.

Shrink Bundling Films

Custom made to your specifications, our shrink bundling film provides an economical industrial packaging system. The high shrink force and contact clarity protect against in-transit damage, pilferage, and product tampering.

Pallet Covers

General Films produces dependable polyethylene pallet covers with excellent puncture resistance, so your products arrive safely at their destination. They're available inside seal, bottom seal, flat or gusseted bags so you get the best fit and most protection possible. Also available is a high-grade shrink version for tight product utilization and to reduce load shifting.

Machine Films

Made from prime resin, our machine films offer the ultimate in flexibility. You can use centerfold films on most L-sealers, and our single wound sheeting is standardized for shrink wrappers. Mattress manufacturers benefit from several grades of machine wrap films. General Films machine films are perfect for use on vertical form/fill/seal equipment.

Performance Products

Our packaging films can be formulated to meet rigorous requirements like automotive standard 302 or NFPA flame retardancy. Our antistatic films can meet military specifications or other static resistant requirements. For sunlight exposure, UVI film provides a substantially longer use life. Light sensitive products require our photo black film; impervious to sunlight. Many other performance attributes can be met with our ability to custom formulate various packaging films


Industrial Film Packaging Specifications Sheets

  • FC-20/67

  • Duratuf 75

  • Duratuf 100

  • Duratuf 120

  • Duratuf 130

  • IS-100

  • IS-120

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