Bag-n-Box for milk and soft serve ice cream mix including tube dispensers and bag-filling machines.


We make durable, functional bag-in-box products for milk and soft-serve ice cream mix, including poly bags with integrated tube dispensers. But that’s not all. In addition to manufacturing high-quality bag-in-box systems, we also make and provide service for the machines that fill them. Our bag-in-box filling machines utilize industry-leading technology to ensure a precise and efficient operation that you can depend on batch after batch. Our bag-in-box systems are compatible with filling machines made by other manufacturers.

In addition to bag-in-box systems and fillers, we also supply bottle bags for blow-mold operations and shrink bundling film for cultured dairy products like sour cream, yogurt, and cottage cheese.

Model 89 Bag-in-Box Filler
Bag-In-Box Fillers

To help increase your productivity and profitability, General Films offers three filler models with different levels of automation, speed, and fill capacity. Each unit exceeds all sanitary requirements, features all stainless-steel construction, and provides trouble-free, low maintenance operation. We custom manufacture fillers for your unique application to precisely match the needs of your facility.

  • Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler. Fills 8 to 9 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. This filler was developed with easy expansion in mind. It will take you from a single or dual head filler system to a fully automatic system with little or no additional floor space required. It offers simple, easy-to-use controls with a clean design and all stainless-steel construction. You can adjust the unit in seconds to permit bag size changes from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities, mix, or dispenser. Available in a selection of standard layouts or we can customize to your specifications.

  • Model 56 Double Head Semiautomatic Filler. Fills 5 to 6 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply..

  • Model 34 Single Head Semiautomatic Filler. Fills 3 to 4 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply.

Web Bags
  • For increasing productivity and profitability, consider General Films web bags and web-filling equipment. These coextruded bags are made with all the same quality and care as our standard fluid and mix milk bags.

Mix and Cream Bags
  • All the advantages of General Films fluid milk bags, including pinhole-resistant, coextruded film, and leak-proof seals, all made in our own facility and available with removable cap fittings for an easy pour or adapter nozzles to pump mix from bags.

Dispenser/Mix Bags
  • Leak-free fluid bags start with a coextruded multi-layered film that provides exceptional pinhole resistance and secure seals. We make our own film, manufacture the bags, seals, and even the thermoplastic tubes for gravity flow dispensing in our own facility. So, you can be sure that the overall product quality and reliability of General Films fluid bags are consistent from one shipment to the next.

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“They have good quality products, listen to the customer, help solve problems, and they react quickly .”
“They have good quality products, listen to the customer, help solve problems, and they react quickly .”


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