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Chyanne Lawson

Converting Day Crew

Chyanne’s background of working at Family Dollar prepared her for her job at General Films. As the assistant manager, she was a multitasker doing whatever needed to be done to do her job well and to the best of her ability. Responsibilities included the register, stocking shelves, working with associates, and handling customers’ needs. She learned to thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing work environment.

Chyanne began her career at General Films in the fourth quarter of 2021. She works on the converting lines day shift. She enjoys not only the crew and the environment but also the four 10-hour workdays that offer three days off. That schedule, as well as opportunities to work weekends, gives her and her growing family much-needed flexibility and comfort.


What initially made Chyanne feel GF was the perfect place for her was the onboarding, orientation, and training. She was very impressed with how thorough the training was, how well it was explained, and how she never felt hurried or rushed. Chyanne completed her training feeling completely comfortable, confident, and ready to get started on the job.


“I love and respect the people I work with and for at General Films. The flexibility of work options, the care, understanding, and the hard-working attitude is a joy to be around.”


She really likes the multitasking and diversity of the job. You never know what you will be doing each day.  She, as well as her shift workers, know all the responsibilities and tasks that are required to keep the line running, and that allows the team to fill in as needed. The best part is that we have each other’s backs. If someone is down or is experiencing issues, we rally around to support and encourage them. The camaraderie and culture at GF are amazing. Chayanne also serves on the Sunshine Committee, which supports and encourages her fellow workers and the community.

“I feel we understand each other, we are all involved in the task at hand, and we are equal players for our team, company, and our customers.”


Chyanne is a very busy mom of four kids and one on the way! Her two girls are active in cheerleading, and she enjoys attending and watching her kid’s events. During quieter times, which is not often, she enjoys just hanging around the house entertaining family and friends as well as enjoying cool evenings around their backyard fire pit. 


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