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    Bag-In-Box Specifications Sheets Get more information on General Films Customized packaging solutions. DOWNLOAD

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    Custom Coextruded Film Specifications Sheets for Poultry Applications Get more information on General Films Coextruded poultry packaging films. DOWNLOAD

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    Custom Coextruded Film Specifications Sheets Get more information on General Films Customized 9 Layer Coextrusion packaging films. DOWNLOAD

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    General Films Literature Downloads Get more information on General Films customized films, bags and packaging products. DOWNLOAD

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    PRODUCTS MARKETS SERVED ABOUT US RESOURCES SUCCESS STORIES CAREERS BG/2M PV/40 PR-2/175 H2/BL LB-725 LB-730 Button Contact Us First Name Last Name Email Phone Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting!

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    Industrial Film Packaging Specifications Sheets Get more information on General Films customized packaging solutions. DOWNLOAD

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    HEADLINE IN THE NEWS Position Description Plant Manager General Films, Inc. General Films Inc., Covington OH. is a family-owned and operated business in continuous operation for over 70 years. The position of Plant Manager is a key part of our well-established and respected organization. This position is responsible for and highly involved in the 24/7 operation of all manufacturing operations functions; maintaining high levels of quality, safety, and production. This individual will make recommendations and execute solutions to challenges within these functional areas. We are seeking candidates that want to inspire and develop production leadership through a hands-on approach. This position reports directly to the President of General Films. Management Provide hands-on, high-participation, team-oriented work environment through leadership direction, development, and training to all direct reports and associates within areas of responsibility. Follow & implement cohesive and consistent departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with colleagues and staff members as necessary to meet company initiatives. Recommend & follow manufacturing policies and programs that guide the organization in maintaining and improving its competitive position and profitability. Provide hands-on direction, development, training, and leadership to all direct reports and associates within areas of responsibility. Oversee/administer ongoing training and manufacturing line operator certification process. Verify that all product quality checks are completed to meet acceptable quality standards. Ensure continuous operation of blown film extruding and bag converting lines, maintaining production levels within scrap targets. Implement cost-effective systems to reduce and control operating expenditures, maintenance and repair expenses Advise supervisors on issues including safety, security, employee relations, scheduling, and training, Ensure supervisors are adhering to company policy and administering practices in a fair and equitable manner. Take corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with company policy, consulting with Human Resources as appropriate. Communication Maintain excellent communication with and accountability to the President of the company Maintain excellent communication with direct reports and associates on all shifts, within areas of responsibility through regular shift meetings, attendance at huddle meetings, phone, email, etc. Develop and maintain working relationships in a cooperative and professional manner with all levels of staff and customers Establish a regular reporting schedule to track initiatives Quality Direct activities so that products are manufactured on schedule and within quality standards and cost objectives. Ensure quality standards for products, equipment, and operator performance are maintained. Safety & Compliance Establish expectations and provide leadership in meeting our goal of zero reportable incidents. Meet regularly with safety vendors/consultants to assure safety culture is well established and best practices are considered. Attend seminars as needed. Ensure the company remains compliant with all OSHA regulations. Incorporate shop-floor organization and plant cleanliness among plant personnel to maintain and meet the safety goal of zero recordable incidents and good housekeeping practices. Miscellaneous ​Maintain 24/7 on-call availability for urgent issues that may arise Other duties may be assigned Resumes and inquiries can be sent to ​ < Back

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    LITERATURE / POULTRY SPEC SHEET DOWNLOADS Download poultry packaging films specification sheets below. Adobe Acrobat or similar software may be needed to view the PDFs. Custom Coextruded Poultry Packaging Film Specification Sheets BG/2M PV/40 VF2

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    General Films Specifications Sheets for Fluid Dairy Applications Get more information on General Films durable, functional bag-in-box products for milk and soft-serve ice cream mix, including poly bags with integrated tube dispensers. DOWNLOAD

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    BUILDING OUR FUTURE INTERNSHIP PROGRAM After more than 75 years of business, General Films has established itself as a leading flexible film manufacturer in North America. As a family-owned company, we have continually sought to satisfy our customers’ needs while promoting an engaging and consistent culture within the workplace. Following our company values (passion, honesty, family, accountability, and respect), we wish to employ an intern that will aid our Human Resource and Industrial Management teams as they establish a positive company environment. Our interns will receive the mentorship they need to enhance their skills and have the opportunity to develop our company’s engagement strategies. Out of gallery > The General Films' Experience Human Resource Job Responsibilities Observe and identify the daily responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager, including recruiting, training, managing pay, and benefits, coordinating safety measures, and creating engagement activities Assist the Human Resource Manager in updating company databases and developing documentation for a plethora of departments Participate in interviews, training, and new-hire evaluations to enhance communication and professional interaction Assist the H.R. department’s efforts in implementing professional development for current employees and enhancing company morale Work with the H.R. team to complete a final project determined by the Human Resource Manager Human Resource Job Qualifications Enrolled in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program focusing on human resource management At least a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. Strong interpersonal and communication skills Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment Critical thinking and problem-solving skills Proactive team player Proficiency with Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint Industrial Management Job Responsibilities Work on and with our production floors to experience and embody the company’s focus on customer satisfaction, safety, quality, and productivity Participate in various departments under the headship of the plant manager to understand their function, importance, and how they connect Collaborate with production and maintenance departments to implement quality and safety measures Work with various departments and supervisors to develop a safety team and assist in implementing safety procedures across the company Attend various meetings and interactions to glean problem-solving, collaborative, and decision-making skills Participate, plan, and execute a significant project determined by the management team Industrial Management Job Qualifications Enrolled in an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree program focusing on industrial management, operations technology, quality management, or a related field At least a 2.5 cumulative G.P.A. Detail-oriented with strong organizational abilities Strong interpersonal and communication skills Ability to thrive in a fast-paced, collaborative environment Critical thinking and problem-solving skills Application Instructions Please help us learn about you by submitting a complete and thoughtful application, including your resume, a letter of recommendation, transcript, and questionnaire . These documents should be submitted by email and sent to copying After completing your application process, we will review it to determine if we’d like to move forward. We will contact you and schedule an interview at our company with our team members. The final day to submit the necessary documentation is April 29th . Human Resource Questionaire Industrial Management Questionaire DOWNLOAD APPLICATION