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    CONTACT US / CUSTOMER SERVICE General Films 645 South High Street Covington, Ohio 45318 Phone: 1.888.436.3456 Local: 1.937.473.2051 Fax: 937.473.2403 Contact Linda Lyons SUBMIT Your Message Has Been Sent Linda Lyons BACK TO CONTACT PAGE

  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    OUR TEAM EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Heather Falknor Converting Day Crew Heather’s caring nature seemed destined and well-suited to the culture at General Films. Her career background in elder care, in-home care, and retail management played to her strengths as a people person who loves to connect and give to others. > READ MORE David Cathie-Atkins Day Shift Supervisor, Extrusion David grew up in the Phoenix, Arizona, area. He served in multiple branches of the US military, both active and reserve, for 11 years before transitioning to a federal & tribal law enforcement officer in Arizona. > READ MORE Katie Roseberry Night Shift Supervisor, Converting Her connections like many at General Films are generational. Family ties weave through GF and are passed down through parents or siblings. > READ MORE Dawn Wehrman Customer Service Representative Dawn seemed destined to work at General Films. Her career path has woven through numerous manufacturing environments before switching gears at Honda to customer service and cumulating with her joining General Films in the spring of 2021. > READ MORE Linda Lyons Senior Customer Service Representative When you love what you do, it’s gratifying to work hard each day. That’s how Linda Lyons feels about her career at General Films over the past 34 years. She appreciates being part of a talented team, with positive company culture, and the shared understanding that everyone is treated with integrity and respect. > READ MORE

  • Community | United States | General Films

    COMMUNITY CHRISTMAS SPIRIT AND INNOVATION SHINES BRIGHT AT GENERAL FILMS Covington, OH— Sunday, November 29, 2020 The General Films Christmas party is typically a time for our associates to gather and celebrate the holidays with a festive dinner. Due to the coronavirus, this annual tradition was reformatted to ensure everyone could stay safe, healthy, and socially distanced. The new format was initially planned as an outdoor gathering, like an old-fashioned Christmas Market, but the pandemic issues continued...which required us to change the event once again. This time, we created a Drive-thru experience, with several individual tents arranged around the GF facility for our associates and their families to enjoy. The Drive-thru included many stops with gift items, kettle corn, hot cocoa, a food truck, Santa, holiday lights, and more. GF employees, including the senior leadership team and the Sunshine Committee, staffed each tent. The event provided a great opportunity to individually thank our associates for their dedication to GF and express appreciation for their outstanding effort during such a challenging year. Although it was a different approach, we were pleased to continue our annual GF Christmas tradition - and It was a wonderful day to celebrate and enjoy the holiday season! Clicked to Enlarge, View and Scroll the Full Gallery COVINGTON SCHOOL BOARD OF EDUCATION RECOGNIZES GENERAL FILMS FOR LEGACY OF COMMUNITY SUPPORT Covington, OH—October 9, 2020 General Films was awarded the Ohio School Board Association’s Business Honor Roll at the September 16, 2020, Covington Exempted Village Schools Board of Education meeting. For 75 years, General Films has been honored to partner with our community on education initiatives. The OSBA Business Honor Roll program recognizes just that—areas where businesses and schools are able to collaborate, ensuring that schools receive the support and real-world experience they need today while businesses are able to share the workforce skills students needs for tomorrow. General Films Founder Roy J. Weikert began his education in a single-room schoolhouse before eventually graduating from Covington High School. Following graduation, Roy attended Columbia University in New York City and completed his Bachelor of Science Degree at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Roy’s passion for learning was reflected not only in his formal education but also in his profession. A lifelong learner, it was Roy’s insatiable curiosity and inventiveness that led to General Films. Prior to WWII, Roy invented a manufacturing process that pioneered the Company’s first product; a plastic protector for men’s hats. Following service in the war—and along with his brother, Wayne—Roy’s curiosity and energy turned to creating new products and building a manufacturing business. It was then that General Films was officially founded, making Roy an industry icon and flexible film leader. Today, General Films’ commitment to education and invention continues. Through the RJW Foundation, General Films presented Covington EVS with a gift that funded computers, plus a business education initiative. Later donations supported renovations and improvements to the school’s theatre. It was Roy’s nephew and current General Films CEO Tim Weikert who accepted the award. “Covington continues to be the setting for our company and family’s story,” said Tim Weikert. “We are honored to help support a new generation of learners and innovators, who we hope will look to Roy and General Films as their inspiration.” AT HOME IN OUR COMMUNITY​ Since 1947, we have been a fixture in our community and active supporters of local schools, charities, and civic outreach organizations. From employee food and clothing drives that help the less fortunate to sponsoring youth sports and scholarship programs, we take our responsibility to our community seriously, and so do our employees. Many members of our General Films family freely devote their time and energy outside of work to help improve the quality of life for others. ​ On a national scale, the company has made large equipment donations to support several educational institutions, including Food Sciences in the College of Agriculture at Purdue University and the dairy programs at Penn State University and Cornell University. Our founder, Roy J. Weikert, also made significant donations in his lifetime and through his estate to the American Red Cross and the Salvation Army. ​ Several local and regional organizations have also been beneficiaries of Roy’s generosity. General Films recently hosted an event for community leaders to share information about the company and distribute additional philanthropic gifts to several local groups. Some organizations that received funds from Roy’s estate include the Village of Covington, Covington Exempted Village Schools, Covington Fire & Rescue, Covington-Newberry Historical Society, Covington Church of the Brethren, and the Brethren Retirement Community in Greenville. The event provided a wonderful opportunity to reflect on Roy’s life, recognize the impact that he had on General Films and the local community, and celebrate more than $500,000 of donations over the past two years

  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Linda Lyons Senior Customer Service Representative When you love what you do, it’s gratifying to work hard each day. That’s how Linda Lyons feels about her career at General Films over the past 34 years. She appreciates being part of a talented team with positive company culture and the shared understanding that everyone is treated with integrity and respect. ​ Linda’s relationship with General Films began long before she was officially an employee. Her mother, Polly, worked at the company from 1967 until her retirement 38 years later. “I was always impressed by the close family atmosphere and I already knew that General Films was a great place to work,” explained Linda. When she joined the company in 1985, she began on the plant floor working alongside her mother in manufacturing. This early experience helped Linda gain valuable hands-on experience making products, as well as learning about equipment and processes. ​ Other family members have also worked at General Films over the years, including Linda’s father, brother-in-law, and one of her daughters. “It really illustrates the close-knit relationship among GF employees and the long-term commitment that General Films has to the people in Covington and the surrounding communities,” said Linda. “As a retiree, my mom still attends holiday parties and special events, which is something that we enjoy doing together - it is all part of our extended General Films family!” ​ Linda moved from manufacturing to become the company’s primary receptionist and administrative assistant, where she welcomed customers and became the first face for visitors. Linda understood the importance of first impressions, and she quickly established a positive rapport in all her interactions. ​ As she further developed her skills, Linda was promoted to a customer service representative, where she has excelled for more than 20 years. Her natural enthusiasm and caring approach put the customers at the forefront. From checking on orders to updating pricing, Linda is passionate about helping customers solve problems. ​ “Our customers are always looking for new ideas to improve their packaging while cutting costs, and I’m able to help with that,” said Linda. ​ For Linda, customer service means something different every day, but it’s always about building strong relationships, which is what keeps General Films customers coming back time and time again. ​ “We are continually looking for ways to offer our customers the best possible service. Our entire team has a strong commitment to quality so it’s rewarding to be part of these efforts,” said Linda. ​ Linda enjoys spending time with her husband Tracy, her four daughters, and her seven grandchildren. She loves sewing and quality time with her loved ones. ​ BACK

  • Associations/Certifications | United States | General Films

    ASSOCIATIONS & RECOGNITIONS ASI CERTIFICATE REGISTRATION Release: February 28, 2024 General Films, based in Covington, Ohio, earned a Certificate of Registration from ASI Food Safety as meeting the food safety code requirements for food packaging. This certificate exemplifies the dedicated work General Films performs daily to serve the needs of its clients and consumers. INDUSTRY ASSOCIATIONS INDUSTRY CERTIFICATIONS

  • Flexible Film Solutions for Food Packaging | General Films

    OTHER FOOD A FRESH LOOK AT FOOD PACKAGING ​ Preserving quality and extending shelf life are critical to the success of food packing companies. The ability to deliver higher quality products that stay fresher longer is a tremendous competitive advantage and a necessity for demanding consumers. At General Films, we provide flexible film solutions for various types of food packaging, including cheese, fresh meat and crackers, cookies, cakes, cereal, frozen foods, and other goods that require a barrier bag . We specialize in flexible packaging for institutional cheese applications including short- and long-hold bags for 40 lb. to 640 lb. cheese blocks and liners for 500 lb. cheese barrels. Our product is stiff, abrasion-resistant, and won’t stretch. Plus, our flexible film solutions are designed to support your operations by increasing throughput and reducing downtime. Produce Film ​Precut lettuce, salad mix, and other produce enjoy longer shelf life, excellent taste, color, and freshness with General Films coextruded film or bag produce packaging. We can design each product's oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor barriers. Plus, a wide heat seal range assures quick and tight vacuum closures. We have a complete vertical form fill and seal film line for precut produce packaging. Contact Freezer plate/Crust Films Our coextruded freezer plate/crust films are ideal for demanding IQF applications. FDA-approved for poultry to seafood, our freezer plate/crust film exhibits exceptional stiffness and toughness with less elongation and tear. When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. " " Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager, Anderson Erickson Dairy Custom Coextruded Film Specification Sheets For Food Processors BG/2M SM/2M H2/BL LB-725 LB-730 PV/40 PR-2/175 CB Film DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS Savings Focus Can I use coextruded films in laminations or replace laminated films to lower packaging costs? > READ MORE ​ We Meet or Exceed Government Standards Third-party auditors regularly inspect General Films to ensure compliance with Good Manufacturing Practices and all applicable HAACP program requirements. We submit film samples to independent laboratories each month for microbiological testing. And we are inspected by the Ohio Department of Agriculture to ensure compliance with the Interstate Milk Shippers standards, as prescribed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For these reasons, you can depend on General Films fluid milk dairy packaging to meet the highest industry standards. ​ > CLICK HERE to learn more about how our packaging solutions are suited to meeting your processing needs. ​ ​

  • Submit RFQ | United States | General Films

    RFQ SUBMIT YOUR RFQ Thanks for asking General Films to submit a proposal. Please fill out the form below and submit it along with the RFQ. We'll be back in touch very soon. Upload File Upload Documents (DOC,PDF,XLS) Max 5MB SUBMIT Your RFQ Has Been Sent

  • Literature Downloads | United States | General Films

    LITERATURE / SMC BMC LITERATURE DOWNLOADS Download our product specification sheets below. Adobe Acrobat or similar software may be needed to view the PDFs. SMC Carrier Film and BMC Bag Film for Industry Applications SM/2M BG/2M DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS

  • Bag-In-Box Fillers | Bag-in-Box Systems from General Films

    BAG-IN-BOX FILM BAG-IN-BOX SYSTEMS FOR FLUID DAIRY OPERATIONS ​ A recognized leader in bag-in-box systems, General Films supplies bag filling equipment to North America's leading dairy companies and other customers who transport, store and dispense fluids. Innovative design, consistent quality, attention to detail, and strict compliance with all regulatory requirements make our bag-in-box systems a worry-free choice. ​ Dispenser Bags Leak-free fluid bags start with a coextruded multi-layered film that provides exceptional pinhole resistance and secure seals. We make our own film and manufacture the bags, seals, and even the thermoplastic tubes for gravity flow dispensing in our own facility. So, you can be sure that the overall product quality and reliability of General Films fluid bags are consistent from one shipment to the next. ​ Web Bags For increasing productivity and profitability, consider General Films web bags and web-filling equipment. These coextruded bags are made with all the same quality and care as our standard fluid and mix milk bags. Mix and Cream Bags All the advantages of General Films fluid milk bags, including pinhole-resistant, coextruded film, and leak-proof seals, are all made in our own facility and available with removable cap fittings for an easy pour or adapter nozzles to pump mix from bags. ​ When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. " " Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager, Anderson Erickson Dairy Bag-In-Box Fillers To help increase your productivity and profitability, General Films offers three filler models with different levels of automation, speed, and fill capacity. Each unit exceeds all sanitary requirements, features all stainless-steel construction, and provides trouble-free, low-maintenance operation. We custom manufacture fillers for your unique application to precisely match the needs of your facility. ​ ​ Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler Fills 8 to 9 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. This filler was developed with easy expansion in mind. It will take you from a single or dual head filler system to a fully automatic system with little or no additional floor space required. It offers simple, easy-to-use controls with a clean design and all stainless-steel construction. You can adjust the unit in seconds to permit bag size changes from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities, mix, or dispenser. Available in a selection of standard layouts or we can customize to your specifications. ​ Model 56 Double Head Semiautomatic Filler Fills 5 to 6 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. ​ Model 34 Single Head Semiautomatic Filler Fills 3 to 4 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. ​ > Bag-In-Box Filler Model 89 < ​ These three models feature +/- 0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. The cabinets offer a NEMA 4 construction which includes a programmable controller, auto start, decap, recap, and eject. Adjustable to permit bag size changes in seconds, from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities. All units are CIP capable. ​ Blow Mold Bags/Shrink Bundling Films Blown bags and pack-off sheeting applications. Also includes shrink film for case bundling applications ​ Model 34 Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. Model 56 Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. MODEL 34 MODEL 56 MODEL 89 WEB Bag-In-Box Filler Specification Sheets ​ DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler Features +/-0.3% fill accuracy by a flow meter with the consistency of product pressure. Contact Rick Bornhorst , submit a Start A Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

  • History | United States | General Films

    CELEBRATING HISTORY & INNOVATION HOW ROY WEIKERT CREATED GENERAL FILMS, INC. ​ This story is about curiosity. The kind that sets visionary entrepreneurs apart from other business people. It's also about a family business, innovation, tenacity, and a 25-cent steam tank (more about that later). Mostly, this is the story of General Films, Inc. founder Roy Weikert who, at age 105, walked daily for exercise, which was a key to his good health, played the stock market for fun and profit, and as Chairman of the Board of the company he began in 1938. Covington, Ohio-based General Films, Inc. serves a wide range of industries with custom extruded film solutions, bag-in-box systems , VFFS , and industrial packaging . But the company began with a young Roy Weikert, his new fedora, and a jar of Brilliantine. ​ CLICK HERE to read the full story. CHRONOLOGY OF ROY WEIKERT & GENERAL FILMS, INC. 1913 1935 October 22, 1913: Roy Weikert is born near Arcanum, Ohio Roy decides to head west with 2 friends. They load up a 1929 Buick with camping gear. Roy ends up working in an F. W. Woolworth store in Davenport, Iowa 1943 1950-60s Roy enters the U.S. Army to serve in World War II As the hat business declines, Roy investigates other opportunities, including bag-and-box systems for dairies 1960s, General Films begins making its own plastic film 1980-Future General Films, Inc. grows through product innovations and expansion into new markets with Roy’s nephew Tim Weikert as the company CEO. Roy J. Weikert 1913-2019 1925 Weikert family moves to Covington, Ohio During the Great Depression, Roy works in a grocery store earning 10 cents per hour 1938 Roy develops hat liners and hat covers made from Pliofilm 1947 Following the war, Roy restarts his business in Covington with his brother, Wayne 1970s Roy builds a second factory in Sidney, Ohio Inflation, business fall-off and debt force the company into reorganization. The Sidney facility is sold off and the company retrenches in Covington ​ THE MEMORY, LEGACY, AND VISION OF FOUNDER ROY WEIKERT W e recently welcomed our employees and their families to General Films for a day of celebration and remembrance. This special day of appreciation for our staff was planned to honor the memory of General Films founder, Roy J. Weikert . Together we shared food, fellowship, and fun, celebrating our legacy of Roy and displaying the future of our company. The day’s activities included food trucks, face painting, games, and entertainment. The General Films plant was opened for tours, featuring several of Mr. Weikert’s most significant contributions to our industry. FOUNDER, FRIEND, AND INDUSTRY ICON See the extraordinary life and vision of Founder Roy J. Weikert Watch Now Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Copy Link Link Copied THREE OF ROY'S PRIMARY INNOVATIONS 1 Revolutionize Institutional Milk Packaging – The GefSystem INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT In the mid-20th century, cafeterias, food service operations, and vending machines dispensed milk from large (6-10 gallon) steel cans. The heavy cans were returned to the dairy after each use, washed, and refilled for the next customer’s bulk milk. Poly liners were an early GF product that improved sanitation, but the steel milk cans were quite expensive, relatively unsanitary…and would ultimately rust! Roy’s patented GefSystem used a lightweight, reusable plastic container into which a sanitary polyethylene liner was fitted. Using a GF-supplied machine, the dairy-filled bulk milk and ice cream mix in 3, 6, and 12-gallon packages, shipping to their institutional and food service customers. The concept was immensely successful and led to longer shelf life and higher-quality dairy products. LASTING IMPACT Bag-in-box packaging is widely used for products such as milk, wine, tomato products, and cleaning agents, among many others. General Films continues to serve dairy customers in the USA and abroad with 1 1/2 to 8-gallon bags. Used in conjunction with GF-supplied fillers, fluid milk and ice cream mix are packaged for food service and restaurant customers. 2 Vertical Integration of Manufacturing INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT During General Films' first 20 years, the company sourced film from a few commercial suppliers, and converted the film into numerous early products: Nomarc hat liners, PlastiCup crock liners, SaniMox foot covers, plus cellophane and poly bags. As growth in the GefSystem fueled film demand, Roy decided to “make his own” film. In 1968 the company installed our first blown film extruding line and began producing film for customers outside of GF. By the early 1970s, custom film, made to order, for outside customers had eclipsed our converted products business. ​ LASTING IMPACT Custom film represents about 75% of our sales volume. General Films supplies customers throughout the USA and Latin America. Markets served to include fresh chicken, cheese, produce, fluid milk, automotive, infrastructure/construction, and general-purpose industrial. Our products preserve freshness and provide leak-proof containment for chicken from processor to end customer. Our cheese packaging holds 40 & 640-pound cheese blocks and 500-pound barrels for as long as 2 years, offering protection during the aging process. We maintain the cleanliness of blow-molded dairy jugs awaiting filling. Our products reduce noise and prevent water infiltration in autos. We help to lengthen the service life of in-ground ductile iron water pipes. ​ Supplying wide-purpose poly to highly engineered nine-layer coextruded films, General Films is one of the oldest operating blown film plants in the USA. 3 Long Shelf Life Food with Aseptic Packaging INDUSTRY & GF IMPACT While developing a high-speed bag-in-box filler for the GefSystem, Roy realized the approach could be adapted to package liquid foods in a completely sterile manner. Based on numerous patents, Roy founded a new company, Asepak Corporation, to pursue this work, which was well ahead of its time. The Asepak system could provide a very long shelf life in flexible film bags, an attractive alternative to the metal cans typically used at that time. ​ Having already experienced the possibilities inherent to multilayer coextruded films with a pioneering line installed in the mid-1970s, General Films added the first barrier film line in 1990. Made to Asepak specifications, General Films’ pouches provided barriers to oxygen, aroma, and flavor; with a shelf life of over one year possible. Roy operated Asepak until his “retirement” at age 90 in 2003. His innovation and commitment to Asepak became the catalyst for General Films to begin manufacturing barrier films. ​ LASTING IMPACT With continued investment in state-of-the-art blown film technology, General Films now operates two, nine-layer co-ex lines, producing films that contain layers of polyethylene, nylon, and ethylene vinyl alcohol. These films provide high barriers to oxygen and other gases for enhanced shelf life, high strength films for rough service applications, heat resistant products, and other highly engineered films for demanding applications. ​ REMEMBERING ROY WEIKERT'S 100TH BIRTHDAY In 2013, we celebrated Roy Weikert’s 100th birthday with a community gathering. The event featured a large outdoor tent a wonderful big band orchestra, plenty of delicious food, and plant tours. Dignitaries and members of the local media were on hand, along with General Films employees, their families, and guests from throughout the community. ​ Rep Richard Adams and Covington Mayor, Ed McCord each presented Roy with special proclamations, and Roy delivered a few choice words of his own; thanking attendees for coming out to see him and expressing his gratitude to everyone who has helped make the company he started with his brother back in 1947 such a success. IMGP1903 IMGP1871 History IMGP1903 1/12 LEARN MORE

  • Custom-Engineered SMC Films | General Films

    SMC DEPENDABLE INDUSTRIAL PACKAGING FOR ALL APPLICATIONS ​ We're your source for tough, affordable industrial packaging that protects your products. General Films offers a wide range of custom films from economically priced material for non-FDA regulated applications, to a single layer and coextruded films for special uses. We make linear, a low-density film from 7" tubing to large pallet covers and sheeting and offer a wide range of custom colors as well as a broad assortment of bags on rolls or separated. ​ Coextruded Film Products Some industrial packaging applications require the enhanced strength that only a coextruded film product provides. General Films uses multiple layers of different materials to greatly improve impact resistance and tear strength versus standard films or bags. And our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and bags are the perfect solutions for molding compounds, circuit boards, metal products, and other items that must be protected from environmental forces. Box and Barrel Liners Give us your requirements and we'll help size and specify liners for corrugated or drums. Because General Films is a custom resource, you'll get precisely the size and strength you need for your application. ​ Top Sheets Available as individually cut or perforated on rolls, top sheets protect pallets from dirt and moisture. We can help you package your product for maximum durability. ​ Shrink Bundling Films Custom-made to your specifications, our shrink bundling film provides an economical industrial packaging system. The high shrink force and contact clarity protect against in-transit damage, pilferage, and product tampering. ​ Pallet Covers General Films produces dependable polyethylene pallet covers with excellent puncture resistance, so your products arrive safely at their destination. They're available inside seal, bottom seal, and flat or gusseted bags so you get the best fit and most protection possible. Also available is a high-grade shrink version for tight product utilization and to reduce load shifting. ​ Machine Films Made from prime resin, our machine films offer the ultimate flexibility. You can use centerfold films on most L-sealers, and our single wound sheeting is standardized for shrink wrappers. Mattress manufacturers benefit from several grades of machine wrap films. General Films machine films are perfect for use on vertical form/fill/seal equipment. ​ Performance Products Our packaging films can be formulated to meet rigorous requirements like automotive standard 302 or NFPA flame retardancy. Our antistatic films can meet military specifications or other static-resistant requirements. For sunlight exposure, UVI film provides a substantially longer use life. Light-sensitive products require our photo black film; impervious to sunlight. Many other performance attributes can be met with our ability to custom formulate various packaging film ​ Being proactive and exceptionally responsive is what sets General Films apart from the typical supplier. " " Linda Cleveland, CEO, Industry Products Company CUSTOMER FOCUS Profiting From Team Spirit "Being Proactive and exceptionally responsive is what sets General Films apart from the typical supplier," according to Linda Cleveland, CEO of Industry Products Company, a 42-year-old Piqua, Ohio enterprise that serves the automotive industry. > READ MORE ​ Industrial Film Packaging Specifications Sheets FC-20/67 Duratuf 75 Duratuf 100 Duratuf 120 Duratuf 130 IS-100 IS-120 DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS > CLICK HERE to learn more about how our industrial packaging solutions are suited for protecting your products.

  • Literature Downloads | United States | General Films

    LITERATURE / COEX LITERATURE DOWNLOADS Download our product specification sheets below. Adobe Acrobat or similar software may be needed to view the PDFs. Custom Coextruded Film Specification Sheets BG/2M SM/2M H2.Re4 H2/BL LB-725 LB-730 PV/40 PR-2/175 CB Film DOWNLOAD SPEC SHEETS

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