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  • Employee Spotlight | United States | General Films

    EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT Katie Roseberry Night Shift Supervisor, Converting It’s all in the family for Katie – both her traditional family but also her work family. Her connections, like many at General Films, are generational. Family ties weave through GF and are passed down through parents or siblings. Katie’s stepmother Leann was a 19-year employee at General Films. When Leann retired for health reasons, she suggested to Katie, who was 19 at the time, that she should apply for the job. Without any hesitation, Katie jumped at the chance. In fact, Leann drove her to her interview. Katie was offered a position, and she happily accepted and has been a valued employee for GF for 14 years. “I feel like I have grown up right here at General Films. The people I work with I consider my family. I enjoy our work environment and the camaraderie. The mood is always upbeat, and the support I receive from my co-workers is something special.” Katie likes that she and all employees have direct and open access to management and departments like HR. They are always very responsive and helpful. Gus and Erin have worked hard and stayed on top of personnel issues like employee retention and training protocols, and that extra effort is noticed and appreciated. “Even the president, Tim Weikert, is accessible and in touch with the entire team. He cares about us, knows our names, and takes a genuine interest in what we are doing on the job and at home. He is always asking me how my stepmom is doing.” One of the most appealing benefits for Katie about working at GF is the 10-hour, 4-day work week that allows for a 3-day weekend. Katie says, “it provides more time for family and to just do the things that need to get done.” Katie looks forward to a long career at General Films. She appreciates the company and what they mean to her and her family. Katie is married, and they have four-legged family members. Rescue pups Storm- (husky) and Tyrion “Bubs” cockapoo (cocker spaniel poodle mix). Katie and her husband are heavily involved in the 501st Legion. She jokingly states that the 501st Legion is “bad guys doing good.” The 501st Legion is an international Disney and Lucas Film-affiliated charity group where members dress in authentic Star Wars costumes and volunteer to raise money for The Ronald McDonald House, Dayton Children’s, and the Cincinnati Center for Autism, to name a few. Katie receives great joy in seeing the smiles on the faces of the children they entertain and serve. ​ BACK

  • Contact Us | United States | General Films

    CONTACT US / HUMAN RESOURCES General Films 645 South High Street Covington, Ohio 45318 Phone: 1.888.436.3456 Local: 1.937.473.2051 Fax: 937.473.2403 Contact Gus DeLucia SUBMIT Your Message Has Been Sent BACK TO CONTACT PAGE

  • SUCCESS STORIES | General Films

    SUCCESS STORIES SERVING UP SUCCESS FOR OUR CLIENTS ​ What do our customers appreciate? General Films stays flexible to their needs. Across markets and industries, our approach might be custom, but our commitment to quality stays the same. We are here for our customers from design to delivery, and we’re always working to keep pricing competitive. General Films is large enough to get any job done, but we know customer service is key. Looking for a partner that’s flexible to your needs? See what our customers have to say. LEIBY'S DAIRY Leiby’s Dairy is a large regional ice cream mix operation located in upstate Pennsylvania. The Dairy boasts a comprehensives line-up of soft serve ice cream products to leading retail restaurants across America. Leiby’s Dairy began working with General Films more than a decade ago with a Bag-in-Box packaging system. “General Films has been an excellent partner for us. Whenever we need support they are quick to respond. The quality of General Films product offering is second to none, from their bags to filling equipment, and we could not be more pleased in our relationship” commented Keith Zimmerman, owner of Leiby’s Dairy. “Over the past two years with the Covid pandemic and supply chain issues facing all businesses, General Films always responded to our needs and never once ran us out of product,” said Zimmerman. “Along with their professional and friendly customer service, General Films consistently delivers a top shelf product with adequate lead times allowing us to meet our customer demand.” GENERAL FILMS & VISION PLASTICS For more than 20 years, Denny Brashear has worked with General Films, matching the needs of his clients with the specialties of General Films’ products. Besides the consistent quality of General Films’ products, their customer service is a major benefit. They are very accommodating and go out of their way for customers. ​ "One of the most important qualities we see in films is the ability to duplicate a run, and General Films consistently duplicate their runs. Whether it's a week, a month, or several years later, you know the quality and specs received the first time will be matched in subsequent runs." – Denny Brashear, President, Vision Plastics ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY FINDS BUSINESS RELATIONSHIP NOT JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL "When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. I like to say that this business relationship has also become a great business friendship. READ MORE ​ – Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director, Anderson Erickson Dairy MEADOWVALE “General Films has routinely demonstrated a commitment to satisfy our quality and delivery expectations without overcommitting or making false promises. They listen to the customer and bring about innovative solutions. Their responsiveness and customer service makes them an easy choice as a trusted partner.” ​ – Joe Gomoll, Chief Executive Officer, Meadowvale

  • Fluid Dairy Spec Sheet Downloads | United States | General Films

    LITERATURE / FLUID DAIRY SPEC SHEET DOWNLOADS Download Bag-n-Box product specification sheets for fluid dairy applications below. Adobe Acrobat or similar software may be needed to view the PDFs. Fluid Dairy/Bag-In-Box Specification Sheets Filler equipment MODEL 34 MODEL 56 MODEL 85 WEB Mix and cream bags ​ B2.5...MI225E B2.5…MI225D B5.0...MI250F B5.0...MI250G Dispenser bags B5.0...DI250D

  • Environment | United States | General Films

    RESPONSIBILITY DOING OUR PART​ We are committed to continual improvement in every aspect of our business. This includes finding ways to make our business and processes more efficient and less wasteful as part of our efforts to shrink our carbon footprint and do our part to protect the environment. We understand that we are part of a global community and, as such, do our best to implement intelligent, results-driven strategies that help ensure our corporate success as well as a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come. ​ Our environmentally conscious business efforts include reducing energy consumption by 40% by installing new low-metal light fixtures and motion-activated sensors throughout our facility, replacing inefficient windows, and reducing landfill waste through extensive reuse and recycling initiatives. In addition, through our extensive scrap recycling programs, we are able to minimize waste and repurpose materials with a resourceful and responsible approach.

  • Ask An Expert | United States | General Films

    ASK AN EXPERT ASK A PACKAGING EXPERT Enter your email and question below. Our experts will answer your inquiry ASAP. SUBMIT Your Question Has Been Sent "Virtually everything we buy for our business seems to be more expensive these days. What can I do to hold down the cost of my plastic pallet covers and parts bags?" ​ While we're all suffering pain at the gas pump, the rising cost of petroleum impacts us in many ways we don't even realize. Virtually everything from food to clothing to industrial equipment and supplies must be transported at a greater cost. Airlines are battling fuel costs, thus higher ticket prices and fewer flights. And the cost of anything made from petroleum-based raw materials ‐ like polyethylene film ‐ is going up. The good news is that there are a few ways you can manage your costs for industrial-grade film products. The first is to order film made from Industrial Packaging Grade (IPG) resins. General Films typically uses prime, certified resins to make our films. It's the best possible quality and is required for food packaging applications. For many industrial applications, however, we can use IPG resin which is often available at spot-market discounts. This material is still fully functional but has some characteristics that make it unacceptable for food, medical, or other critical applications. Using this resin enables us to reduce your costs by around 5% while maintaining the thickness and strength characteristics you desire. The resulting film is highly suitable for pallet top covers, barrel liners, or rolls of parts bags. ​ Another strategy is to re-examine the requirements of your application. Let's say you've always specified a certain thickness of material for the strength and durability you require. Our technical experts can analyze your needs and, by using a different grade of material, may be able to satisfy your requirements with a thinner product that still gives you all of the performance characteristics you need. This method saves some of our customers about 10% in unit costs. ​ Finally, you should be aware that some suppliers routinely reduce the thickness of their product by about 10%, which is still within accepted industry standards, and base your cost on the gross shipping weight. This combination of making a lighter product and basing the price on gross shipping weight may reduce your invoice cost by 5% - 10%. Although this is not our usual practice, we're happy to accommodate buyers if this method works to their advantage. ​ "Can I use coextruded films in laminations or replace laminated film to lower packaging cost?" ​ The quick answer is YES, and in two significant ways. The first way would be to substitute or replace coextruded barrier film in what was formerly a plain laminated structure without printing. The barrier need should be examined to match up the oxygen barrier requirement and whether the film needs to have nylon on the outside of the web for automatic FFS or in pouch making the conversion. ​ If the OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) barrier can be attained and package optics is not a concern, then there can be significant cost savings by switching to a coextruded film to replace a lamination. ​ The second way to save money is to use the barrier-coextruded film as the sealant layer in a lamination. For instance, NYLON or EVOH & Nylon, or some other possible barrier combinations, such as Nylon and, or HDPE (high-density polyethylene) for added moisture barrier, whatever the specific barrier requirement is needed in the finished lamination. But it is worth examining coextruded flexible films as a cost savings alternative. With the correct use of coex films and careful evaluation of the packaging equipment and barrier testing, these coex films can be a great way to offset the rising cost and uncertainty of material pricing fluctuations in today’s competitive marketplace. ​ Contact: Tom Granata , submit a Start Your Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today! ​

  • Contact Us | United States | General Films

    CONTACT US / PURCHASING General Films 645 South High Street Covington, Ohio 45318 Phone: 1.888.436.3456 Local: 1.937.473.2051 Fax: 937.473.2403 Contact Jeff Didier SUBMIT Your Message Has Been Sent Jeff Didier BACK TO CONTACT PAGE

  • Bag-In-Box Success Story: Anderson Erickson Dairy

    ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY Success Story​ ANDERSON ERICKSON DAIRY FINDS BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS NOT JUST BUSINESS AS USUAL ​ When you ask me what I would tell others about General Films, I'd say they have good quality products, they listen to the customer, they help us solve problems, they react quickly, and their prices are fair. I like to say that this is a business relationship that has also become a great business friendship. ​ So says Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager for Anderson Erickson Dairy in Des Moines, Iowa. Mr. Colonno recalls his first encounter with General Films over 15 years ago: "We were dealing with another supplier that couldn't make delivery on some of the plastic fluid bags we use. Even though we weren't one of their regular customers, General Films got us out of a bind for several months by supplying bags that worked with our filling equipment. Frankly, I don't know what we would have done without them stepping in." ​ "We returned to our regular supplier out of a sense of loyalty, but a few years later we went back to General Films for our bags. Soon after, we worked closely with them to develop an automated web filler that would meet our specific needs. You might say we participated in the design of that filler and General Films was great to work with. They took me to see various fillers at other facilities and the prototypes they developed. Then they listened to what I had to say and acted on it." Although everyone's prices for plastic bags have gone up recently, General Films has remained very competitive and informative on all increases. They've had to raise some prices over the years, of course, but we feel they have been fair about it. " " Craig Colonno, Purchasing Director & Ice Cream Mix Manager for Anderson Erickson Dairy Keith Nichols, Century Furniture’s Plant Three operations manager "In the same way, if I have a problem, they listen and quickly act to help us get back on track. Occasionally you have a panic situation as if we landed a new account that wants to get started tomorrow and requires a lot more bags than we have on hand. We can't tell a new customer they have to wait a week so that we can stock up on bags. But I can call General Films and they respond quickly to our needs; that's the real key. And from a quality standpoint, we haven't had any issues I can think of for the past several years." ​ The Anderson Erickson Dairy was founded in 1930 and continues to be family owned and operated. The third generation of family owners continues to live by the values of founder Iver Erickson while continuously investing in new technology to produce a full range of Quality You Can Taste dairy products. To learn how General Films can help your operation realize greater efficiency, more secure packaging, and labor cost savings, contact Tom Granata or submit a Start Your Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

  • Associations/Certifications | United States | General Films

    HEADLINE IN THE NEWS Position Description Plant Manager General Films, Inc. General Films Inc., Covington OH. is a family-owned and operated business in continuous operation for over 70 years. The position of Plant Manager is a key part of our well-established and respected organization. This position is responsible for and highly involved in the 24/7 operation of all manufacturing operations functions; maintaining high levels of quality, safety, and production. This individual will make recommendations and execute solutions to challenges within these functional areas. We are seeking candidates that want to inspire and develop production leadership through a hands-on approach. This position reports directly to the President of General Films. Management Provide hands-on, high-participation, team-oriented work environment through leadership direction, development, and training to all direct reports and associates within areas of responsibility. Follow & implement cohesive and consistent departmental policies, goals, objectives, and procedures, conferring with colleagues and staff members as necessary to meet company initiatives. Recommend & follow manufacturing policies and programs that guide the organization in maintaining and improving its competitive position and profitability. Provide hands-on direction, development, training, and leadership to all direct reports and associates within areas of responsibility. Oversee/administer ongoing training and manufacturing line operator certification process. Verify that all product quality checks are completed to meet acceptable quality standards. Ensure continuous operation of blown film extruding and bag converting lines, maintaining production levels within scrap targets. Implement cost-effective systems to reduce and control operating expenditures, maintenance and repair expenses Advise supervisors on issues including safety, security, employee relations, scheduling, and training, Ensure supervisors are adhering to company policy and administering practices in a fair and equitable manner. Take corrective action as necessary on a timely basis and in accordance with company policy, consulting with Human Resources as appropriate. Communication Maintain excellent communication with and accountability to the President of the company Maintain excellent communication with direct reports and associates on all shifts, within areas of responsibility through regular shift meetings, attendance at huddle meetings, phone, email, etc. Develop and maintain working relationships in a cooperative and professional manner with all levels of staff and customers Establish a regular reporting schedule to track initiatives Quality Direct activities so that products are manufactured on schedule and within quality standards and cost objectives. Ensure quality standards for products, equipment, and operator performance are maintained. Safety & Compliance Establish expectations and provide leadership in meeting our goal of zero reportable incidents. Meet regularly with safety vendors/consultants to assure safety culture is well established and best practices are considered. Attend seminars as needed. Ensure the company remains compliant with all OSHA regulations. Incorporate shop-floor organization and plant cleanliness among plant personnel to maintain and meet the safety goal of zero recordable incidents and good housekeeping practices. Miscellaneous ​Maintain 24/7 on-call availability for urgent issues that may arise Other duties may be assigned Resumes and inquiries can be sent to ​ < Back

  • Payments | United States | General Films

    ONLINE PAYMENT PAYING FOR YOUR PRODUCT ONLINE With General Films you have the option to pay for your order online through our convenient and secure PayPal system. To learn more contact us here .

  • Converting Films | General Films

    CONVERTING FILMS FOR ADDITIONAL PROCESSING CONVERTER FILM ​ ​ Ideal for printing, laminating, or making standard bags, General Films coextrusions can also be custom-made to match your exact requirements. We offer a wide range of polyethylene-based coex, nylon, and EVOH barrier films. Just as important, we combine tight tolerances, special packaging, and large production rolls that reduce downtime so you enjoy greater throughput and return on investment.

  • VFFS Films Case Study | General Films

    VFFS Films Case Study Stepping Up to the Plate ​ ​ Americans consume more chicken than any other consumer in the world. Per capita consumption of chicken is expected to total 96.5 lbs. this year and to increase to 97.8 lbs. in 2021, according to the National Chicken Council. Fueling this increase is product variety. As a result, chicken packaging formats vary widely to meet specific processor and product needs and include bags, films, and vacuum roll stock packaging, among others. ​ "Packaging advances have improved the safety and quality of poultry products," said Scott Russell, professor of poultry processing and products microbiology at the University of Georgia, in discussing a study on the effects of packaging on the value chain for the chicken industry titled "Chicken and Packaging: A Sustainable Partnership," from AMERIPEN (American Institute for Packaging and the Environment). ​ We have seen a trend of vacuum-packed, individually wrapped products [i.e., Perdue's boneless, skinless individually wrapped chicken breasts]," says Gwen Venable, vice president of communications with the US Poultry & Egg Association. "We have also seen more value-added packaging [i.e., drumsticks that are packaged two per pack and marinated], as well as a reduction in the amount of packaging to protect the product." ​ Packaging must lure hurried shoppers to the refrigerated case, plus it must allow labeling that is helpful to consumers, among other things. But most importantly, all packaging must ensure maximum product integrity. ​ Innovation never sleeps. Powertray LLC, Mackville, NC, was conducting a test with a supermarket chain and major chicken processor, says Huston Keith, principal of Marietta, GA-based Keymark Associates. The refrigerated chicken was packaged in a coated, pressed paper­board tray that was biodegradable. ​ "Bell & Evans is using a PET tray they say is fully recyclable and uses the native barrier of PET," he adds. "It's a vacuum-skin package and it's sold at Whole Foods and other chains." ​ Providing Solutions General Films Inc. (GFI), Covington, Ohio, recognized for years that the vertical form/fill/seal "space" for fresh chicken suffered from high leaker rates. This realization led to the development of BG/2M film, says Tim Weikert, president. ​ BG/2M is a coextruded film with a nylon barrier, featuring two-sided sealing, Octene LLD PE sealant layers, and a nylon interior ply. It is a nine-layer structure, so it provides excellent physical properties, ranging from the sealant to impact strength, says Tom Granata, vice president of sales. This film was designed for fresh poultry packaged on a vertical form/fill/seal machine. ​ GFI began BG/2M trials with a medium-sized US chicken processor. Although experiencing good results, the customer initially balked at its higher pricing. "But we kept sampling and they kept trialing. Finally, they replaced their previous film with our product," Weikert says. ​ Pricing of the new product (on a mil-to-mil basis) resulted in a price increase of about 70 percent more when compared to more traditional packaging. But when factoring in down­gauging opportunities this new film affords, the price goes down. Granata explains the processor was using a 3.25 mil film at one plant that was replaced with a 2.5 mil film that still reduced leaker rates. And the processor achieved much more yield compared to previous yields. With the printing cost factored in, the increase is closer to 40 percent. The film prints well and labels designed for PE films readily adhere. On this processor's line, each 10-lb. sealed, formed pouch of fresh chicken now withstands the rigors of rugged processing and distribution. After making the switch, leaker rates greatly diminished. Overall profitability grew substantially through enhanced productivity, fewer product rejects, and increased customer satisfaction. The processor is seeing a minimum leaker reduction of 50 percent. " " Tom Granata, Vice President, General Films Keith Nichols, Century Furniture’s Plant Three operations manager "BG/2M features higher impact strength, higher tensile strength, a substantially wide-ended heat seal window, the film is about 50 percent stiffer than the traditional solution, which benefits the vertical form/fill/ seal machines," he adds. ​ This processor banked a 20-percent throughput improvement on its packaging lines. This allowed expanded production with a lower footprint on labor. Increased throughput allowed the temperature on the seal to increase so it runs a little faster yielding increased productivity. Contact Tom Granata , submit a Start A Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today! BACK TO VFFS FILM

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