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"Being Proactive and exceptionally responsive is what sets General Films apart from the typical supplier," according to Linda Cleveland, CEO of Industry Products Company, a 42-year-old Piqua, Ohio enterprise that serves the automotive industry.

"We provide plastic water shields and other products to such customers as Honda, Toyota and BMW. Linda continues, that these water shields protect the interiors of vehicles from moisture. As you might guess, these companies hold suppliers like us to very high-quality standards, so the plastic film we die-cut or vacuum form must be virtually flawless. We get that kind of consistent quality from General Films."

"Because we want to give our customers the best possible service and deal with several variables, we tend to have a lot of order changes and General Films is very accommodating. In the same way, whenever we bring them a special requirement like the need for a fire retardant material or the ability to print on the film, they react quickly with good solutions. The CEO, Tim Weikert, always impresses me with his depth of knowledge about plastic film and his willingness to have his people work with us to solve problems."

Regarding being proactive, Linda shares this story:

GF Duotone.jpg
About 3 or 4 years ago, General Films came to us with a way to reduce our material costs. They suggested that, for many of our applications, they could substitute non-virgin material without degrading our product quality. Frankly, I was skeptical at first, but the savings have been substantial, and we've had no quality issues. In my experience, it is rare that a supplier will come to you proactively to help you reduce the cost of what you are buying from them. It makes you feel that they are truly on your team.

Linda Cleveland, Industry Products Company, CEO

To learn how General Films can help your operation realize greater efficiency, more secure packaging, and labor cost savings, contact Tom Granata or submit a Start Your Solution form, or call 1.888.436.3456 today!

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