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On October 3, we celebrated the life and leadership of General Films’ founder, Roy Weikert, with a special Founder’s Day event. Our Covington, Ohio, facility was the site of this fun birthday party and community open house 100 years in the making. The event featured a large outdoor tent, a wonderful big band orchestra, plenty of delicious food, and guided plant tours that ran every 20 minutes. Dignitaries and members of the local media were on hand, along with General Films employees, their families, and guests from throughout the community.

With a rainy start to the day, the weather was a concern, but fortunately, Mother Nature cooperated with us during the celebration, which ran from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m. State Rep Richard Adams and Covington Mayor, Ed McCord each presented Roy with special proclamations, and Roy delivered a few choice words of his own; thanking attendees for coming out to see him and expressing his gratitude to everyone who has helped make the company he started with his brother back in 1947 such a success. Still active at 100 years old, Roy even took a few turns on the dance floor as the orchestra played some of his favorite tunes. And because no birthday party is complete without cake and a joyful chorus of “Happy Birthday,” everybody joined in to let Roy know how much they appreciate him, his contributions to the community, and everything he has accomplished over the course of his life.

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