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Adam Morris

Sales Representative

Not only is Adam a quintessential people person that enjoys helping others, but he is also competitive by nature. Those unique attributes make him destined to work in sales by helping others navigate through business opportunities and challenges. Adam joined General Films as sales rep over two years ago. He thrives on creating, building, and nurturing relationships.

“I enjoy the relationship side of my job, things like building trust, solving customer problems, staying connected, and helping manage a customer’s success in any way I can,” states Adam. 


It did not take Adam long after starting at General Films to feel the positive culture and family values on display daily. Many of his colleagues at GF have a long family lineage of working for the company. For many of them, they are the second or third generation to be employed here.


Adam proudly boasts of the abilities and dedication of the entire GF team and feels confident about the company’s ability to perform. And, as a salesperson, he takes pride that the entire team is focused on the customer and while valuing the fact that they are always working collectively from sales to manufacturing to processing and delivery.


Adam says he is continually impressed with Tim’s (Weikert) leadership abilities and values. It speaks volumes to Adam that both of Tim’s kids have worked here plus his Uncle Roy and his dad founded the company. He sees how hard Tim works daily and respects his dedication. The company is “his baby and his passion” and it rubs off and elevates the entire company’s culture.


“I really appreciate and respect the fact that there are several employees at General Films that have a family employment history with GF. That speaks volumes to me about the employee focus of the company.”


Adam grew up in Springfield, Ohio. His mom and dad still live there and being close to them is important to Adam. That is why after working previous jobs in other geographic locations, Adam jumped on the opportunity to come back close to home to be with his family and friends.


In his free time Adam enjoys leisure travel especially when it evolves around sports-oriented destinations. He also enjoys hanging out with friends at sporting events, eateries, and breweries.