Brithney LCOA.jpg
Brithney Jackson 

Customer Service Representative

Even though Brithney joined General Films only two years ago, she feels passionately she has discovered the work-family and team environment that is perfect for her.  She says, “I have found my perfect job and company with General Films and I will work here for the entirety of my career.”

During her first two years, Brithney worked with customers daily as one of General Films' dedicated Customer Service Reps. She finds helping customers an extremely fulfilling and rewarding responsibility. Her day-to-day tasks include taking customer orders, quoting, handling customer needs, overseeing the production schedule, shipping, and tracking. Even though the scope of those responsibilities seems a bit daunting, she loves what she does and exudes confidence in the GF team’s ability to perform.


“Everyone here has each other’s back. We all help each other, care for each other, and work together to make General Films as successful as it can be,” says Brithney.


She feels very confident when she tells a customer their delivery date because when production provides a delivery date, they meet that date. That team atmosphere and the “we’ve got each other’s back” attitude exemplify the GF spirit. 


Brithney also really appreciates the family-oriented environment at General Films. They are the first company she has worked at that actually live out and fulfills what they say about their family culture. And it is not only her, as her colleagues also have the same confidence and company pride.


“I love the family atmosphere at General Films and really appreciate how each and every employee is valued and cared for. It is a true family-oriented company,” says Brithney.


As an example. Brithney and her co-workers organized, signed company-wide, and sent get-well cards to team members who contracted COVID. She says this comradery abounds all the time at GF and it makes this job and company special.


Away from work, Brithney is an extremely active mom to three kids – one girl and two boys. Her kids are active in multiple sports and they are always on the go. Brithney is involved in the leadership of the Newton Softball & Baseball Association. When she finds free time, she enjoys photography.