Packaging-Sourcing Company Taps
General Films To Ring The Taco Bell

According to Rick Lawson of The Packaging Group, Inc., (PGI) his company’s reputation is that of a successful problem solver. Customers look to them to tackle myriad packaging problems and come up with quick and cost-effective solutions. To do so the 35-year-old, Arkansas-based company combines its own capabilities with the expertise of industry-leading packaging suppliers like General Films.

A recent case-in-point involved PGI’s customer, Simmons Foods, a leading poultry processing company that provides chicken products to Taco Bell restaurants. Simmons has long been supplying Taco Bell with a chicken item that is delivered in a plain, clear film packaging. Now the restaurant wanted another pre-cooked chicken product for its value meal menu that would be packaged differently to distinguish it from the original chicken item. There were a number of considerations to address: First, the pre-cooked chicken would be brought to serving temperature while in the film packaging. Second, the original idea was to print the product’s identity on the film. Lastly, in some Taco Bell locations all the workers are not proficient in reading or speaking English, which would require printing in multiple languages.

PGI contacted General Films to discuss these issues and, after considering a number of possibilities, they determined that the best approach was to use a blue tinted, coextruded nylon and polyethylene barrier film. This approach met all of the customer’s requirements by providing a package that can be safely and efficiently heated in the restaurant, and is easily distinguished from the clear-wrapped chicken product without the necessity of printing on the film. Eliminating the printing process reduced both the cost of the packaging and the time-to-market.

General Films has worked with The Packaging Group for over 15 years on a variety of projects. According to Rick Lawson: “Of the dozen or so suppliers we work with, General Films stands out for their technical knowledge and innovation. They don’t rest on their laurels, instead they keep up with the changing needs of the marketplace. For example, this film is run on their new 9-layer line, and they are one of the leaders in producing nylon-based films. Their quality and service is always first-rate and you can depend on them to deliver what and when they promise.”