More than 20 years of trusted quality between General Films and Vision Plastics

Denny Brashear President, Vision Plastics, Louisville, KY

For more than 20 years, Denny Brashear has worked with General Films; matching the needs of his clients with the specialties of General Films’ products. Denny is the president of the Louisville, Kentucky-based Vision Plastics, a manufacturer’s representative organization. General Films is one of his primary lines. 

“One of the most important qualities we see in films is the ability to duplicate a run, and General Films consistently duplicates their runs,” said Brashear. “Whether it is a week, a month, or several years later, you know the quality and specs received the first time will be matched in subsequent runs.”

Brashear’s food and industrial packaging customers who purchase General Films’ products use mostly mono layer materials.  One of the things that keeps him returning to General Films is the customer service.

“Besides the consistent quality of General Films’ products, their customer service is a major benefit,” said Brashear. “They are very accommodating and go out of their way for customers. This is a difficult industry to learn, and they have a lot of experience; you know you are in good hands. They also track everything. From order acknowledgement to invoicing, they are very thorough which gives customers a high level of confidence in their ability.”

“I have a great history with General Films. They have outstanding quality and service, and that is everything.”