General Films Helps Packaging Film Sales Deliver the Best in the West

Packaging Film Sales (PFS) in Denver, Colorado, specializes in providing packaging systems to food processors throughout the Rocky Mountain West. Company president Jeff May started PFS in 1972 because he saw a need in the market for a film distributor that could accurately assess clients’ needs and then develop custom films that work effectively with their processes and equipment. For one of their important customers, PFS has relied on General Films to provide custom-engineered nine-layer films.

Jeff says that he chooses to work with General Films because it is very responsive to unique situations and has the equipment and expertise to collaborate with him on new film innovations as they become needed to fit his clients’ requirements. “General Films is a great partner for us because the team there really knows its stuff and is willing to experiment and try new things to solve my clients’ packaging film problems. In my industry, lead times are everything, and General Films is excellent at quickly assessing a spec and telling me if it can be done and how it can be done better. They have the technical capability and the professional execution that gets me what I need, when I need it.”

In addition to its quick turnaround of films for complex applications, Jeff appreciates the access that General Films gives him to senior executives and decision makers. “Tim, Tom, and Linda are great! Knowing that they understand my needs and are actively engaged with my projects as they move forward means a lot to me. I use their expertise to my advantage, and turn to them for jobs whenever possible. I am very happy to have them on my side.”