Podiatrist Practice Puts Best Foot Forward

"We all do triple duty around here." Sonia Henderson of Centerock Podiatry tells us from her office in West Nyack, New York. "In addition to taking care of patients, one of my duties is ordering supplies for our practice." Of course Sonia would rather spend time working with patients than ordering supplies, so she was pleased with the prompt attention she received from General Films when inquiring about the company’s SaniMox foot coverings.

"I received a mailing and called to get more information. I don’t have time to waste, so I appreciated that the person I spoke with quickly answered all of my questions and offered to send me a sample box of the foot covers. I know I could have gone to their Web site, but calling and speaking with someone who knows what they’re talking about was faster and easier for me."

When Sonia received the samples she was pleased with the results. "Our main concern, of course, is the well being of our patients. Many are elderly and some have open wounds. When they move from the examining room to the X-ray department, we want them to be as safe, comfortable and protected as possible. The typical foot coverings are made of paper and glued together. These can slip or tear as the patient moves around. Because the SaniMox foot covers are made of plastic and stitched together, they fit and protect the foot better. We asked our patients what they thought of the new footwear and they told us it was much better than the other. That was the deciding factor for us."

"They cost a little more than the paper foot covers," Sonia continues, "but they are worth the difference. I’d definitely recommend the SaniMox foot covers to other healthcare professionals. I’m very pleased with the product and the service from General Films. More important, our patients like them, and pleasing our patients is what we’re all about."