Penn State University

Tom Palchak of The Berkery Creamery

Palchak Tom-orgThe Berkery Creamery at Penn State University is a longstanding customer of General Films, dating back over 25 years. Nearly 85% of our beverage fluid milk is packaged on the General Films Model 56 filler that was generously donated to the University when we moved in to our new dairy plant in 2006. The new filler is very efficient and accurate. It is CIP'able and we routinely achieve 98% keeping quality over 17 day storage. The filling and capping devices are maintenance-free as well as exceptionally sanitary. We plan to use this filler for the foreseeable future for not only beverage milks but also soft serve and milk shake mixes.

General Films places strong emphasis on quality and customer service. Challenges are quickly resolved and their office staff is excellent in taking care of their customers.