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Can I use coextruded films in laminations or to replace laminated film to lower packaging cost?

The quick answer is YES, and in two significant ways. The first way would be to substitute or replace coextruded barrier film in what was formerly a plain laminated structure without printing. The barrier need should be examined to match up the oxygen barrier requirement and whether the film needs to have nylon on the outside of the web for automatic FFS or in pouch making conversion.

If the OTR (Oxygen Transmission Rate) barrier can be attained and package optics is not a concern, then there can be a significant cost savings by switching to a coextruded film to replace a lamination.

The second way to save money is to use the barrier coextruded film as the sealant layer in a lamination. For instance, NYLON or EVOH & Nylon, or some other possible barrier combinations, such as Nylon and, or HDPE (high density polyethylene) for added moisture barrier; whatever the specific barrier requirement is needed in the finished lamination.

But it is worth examining coextruded flexible films as a cost savings alternative. With the correct use of coex films and careful evaluation with the packaging equipment and barrier testing, these coex films can be a great way to offset the rising cost and uncertainty of material pricing fluctuations in today’s competitive marketplace.

With SaniMox Foot Coverings You Are Putting Your Best Foot Forward

As health care professionals, you know the value of a clean and comfortable facility for you, your associates and your patients. Providing an environment that is safe and hygienic could put you one step ahead of the competition. And in a challenging economy, driving value into your practice and improving patient satisfaction is an important step.

General Films is a manufacturer of SaniMox foot coverings. SaniMox is a safe and cost-effective solution to your patient’s needs. For over 60 years General Films has provided quality products, exceptional service and bottom line results for customers in multiple industries including health care in flexible film products. And the peace-of-mind SaniMox foot coverings offer is priceless. SaniMox comes in bulk packaging for large quantity discounts as well as small and convenient off-the-shelf dispensers for ease of use.

SaniMox foot coverings are a cost-effective answer to your patient needs.

SaniMox features include:

  • Convenient one size fits all design
  • Durable polyethylene material
  • Delivered in bulk or convenient off-the-shelf dispensers
  • Easy online ordering with direct payment
  • Shipping within 24 hours of order

We'll even sweeten the offer by discounting 15% off of your first order.

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Dependable Industrial Packaging For All Applications

We're your source for tough, affordable industrial packaging that protects your products. General Films offers a wide range of custom films from economically priced material for non-FDA regulated applications, to single layer and coextruded films for special uses. We make linear, low-density film from 7" tubing to large pallet covers and sheeting and offer a wide range of custom colors as well as a broad assortment of bags on rolls or separated.

Coextruded Film Products

Some industrial packaging applications require the enhanced strength that only a coextruded film product provides. General Films uses multiple layers of different materials to greatly improve impact resistance and tear strength versus standard films or bags. And our Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) films and bags are the perfect solution for molding compounds, circuit boards, metal products and other items that must be protected from environmental forces.

Box And Barrel Liners

Give us your requirements and we'll help size and specify liners for corrugated or drums. Because General Films is a custom resource, you'll get precisely the size and strength you need for your application.

Top Sheets

Available as individually cut or perforated on rolls, top sheets protect pallets from dirt and moisture. We can help you package your product for maximum durability.

Shrink Bundling Films

Custom made to your specifications, our shrink bundling film provides an economical industrial packaging system. The high shrink force and contact clarity protect against in-transit damage, pilferage and product tampering.

Pallet Covers

General Films produces dependable polyethylene pallet covers with excellent puncture resistance so your products arrive safely at their destination. They're available in side seal, bottom seal, flat or gusseted bags so you get the best fit and most protection possible. Also available is a high-grade shrink version for tight product utilization and to reduce load shifting.

Machine Films

Made from prime resin, our machine films offer the ultimate in flexibility. You can use centerfold films on most L-sealers, and our single wound sheeting is standardized for shrink wrappers. Mattress manufacturers benefit from several grades of machine wrap films. General Films machine films are perfect for use on vertical form/fill/seal equipment.

Performance Products

Our packaging films can be formulated to meet rigorous requirements like automotive standard 302 or NFPA flame retardancy. Our antistatic films can meet military specifications or other static resistant requirements. For sunlight exposure, UVI film provides substantially longer use life. Light sensitive products require our photoblack film; impervious to sunlight. Many other performance attributes can be met with our ability to custom formulate various packaging films.

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Specification Sheets

Duratuf 75
Duratuf 100
Duratuf 120
Duratuf 130

Materials Used

LLDPE (Butene, hexene, octene, metallocene) LDPE (standard, shrink) EVA (clarity), IPG (Industrial Grade) blends of the above materials of MDPE and HDPE.




Flat and gusseted tubing 7-140"
Single wound sheeting 15-110"
Center fold sheeting 7-110"
Multi-fold capabilities
Bags on rolls - both BS and SS; 18" layflat, minimum
Separated bags - bottom or side seal
Thickness range - .0008 - .010 mil


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Bag-In-Box Systems For Dairy And Other Liquids

A recognized leader in bag-in-box systems, General Films supplies bag filling equipment to North America's leading dairy companies and other customers who transport, store and dispense fluids. Innovative design, consistent quality, attention to detail and strict compliance with all regulatory requirements makes our bag-in-box systems a worry-free choice.

Dispenser/Mix Bags

Leak-free fluid bags start with coextruded multi-layered film that provides exceptional pinhole resistance and secure seals. We make our own film, manufacture the bags, seals and even the thermoplastic tubes for gravity flow dispensing in our own facility. So you can be sure that the overall product quality and reliability of General Films fluid bags is consistent from one shipment to the next.

Web Bags

For increasing productivity and profitability, consider General Films web bags and web-filling equipment. These coextruded bags are made with all of the same quality and care of our standard fluid and mix milk bags.

Mix And Cream Bags

All of the advantages of General Films fluid milk bags, including pinhole-resistant, coextruded film and leak-proof seals, all made in our own facility and available with removable cap fittings for easy pour or adapter nozzles to pump mix from bags.

Barrier Bags/Hot Fill Bags

General Films manufactures an unlimited range of custom, multi-ply bags in all shapes and sizes. We produce coextruded barrier films for oxygen, aroma, flavor, gas, solvent and other requirements.

Bag-In-Box Fillers

To help increase your productivity and profitability, General Films offers three filler models with different levels of automation, speed and fill capacity. Each unit exceeds all sanitary requirements, features all stainless-steel construction and provides trouble free, low maintenance operation. We custom manufacture fillers for your unique application to precisely match the needs of your facility.

  • Model 89 Web Bag-In-Box Filler. Fills 8 to 9 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply. This filler was developed with easy expansion in mind. It will take you from a single or dual head filler system to a fully automatic system with little or no additional floor space required. It offers simple, easy-to-use controls with a clean design and all stainless steel construction. You can adjust the unit in seconds to permit bag size changes from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities, mix or dispenser. Available in a selection of standard layouts or we can customize to your specifications.
  • Model 56 Double Head Semiautomatic Filler. Fills 5 to 6 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply.
  • Model 34 Single Head Semiautomatic Filler. Fills 3 to 4 five-gallon bags per minute depending on product supply.

These three models feature +/- 0.3% fill accuracy by flow meter with consistency of product pressure. The cabinets offer a NEMA 4 construction which includes a programmable controller, auto start, decap, recap and eject. Adjustable to permit bag size changes in seconds, from one-gallon through six-gallon capacities. All units are CIP capable.

Bag-In-Box Filler Specifications

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