The Bright Future of Flexible Packaging Film

General Films’ President, Tim Weikert was interviewed for a Q&A feature in a recent issue of Flexible Packaging Magazine to share his outlook on the future of flexible packaging film, customers, trends, new General Films’ products and some advice for industry colleagues.

Q: What new products and/or developments are you currently offering and/or undergoing?

A: General Films has developed a sealant film featuring low-force, peel-opening technology that is seeing a lot of positive feedback and growth. This keeps bags and packaging from tearing when you open them. These coextruded films are available in 3-, 5- and 9 layers and are ideal for thin, source-reduced films and to prevent package “zippering” when peeled.

Various industries can benefit from this film, including easy peel lidding for fresh food and low-seal-force skin film for chemical barrier. These films are also customizable. Some customers require semi-permeable packaging with a healthy exchange of oxygen. Others require film that features high barrier to oxygen permeation. We can also customize the films to provide effective barriers to aroma, flavor and chemicals.


Caught On Film: Film Breakthroughs Ensure High Reviews.

General Films’ B2/2M film was featured in this March 11, 2014 Food & Beverage Packaging article, showcasing the film’s high impact strength and high tensil strength to optimize poultry freshness and increase processor profits.

Film For Chicken Optimizes Freshness

General Films has recently launched the BG/2M film, a coextruded film with nylon barrier. The film has two-sided sealing, octene LLDPE sealant layers, nylon interior ply and a nine-layer structure. The film was designed for the packaging of fresh poultry, packaged on a verticalform/fill/seal machine. BG/2M film features high impact strength, high tensil strength and a wide-ended heat seal window. For optimum product freshness, BG/2M film offers gas, aroma and flavor barriers for optimum product freshness.

In 2012 General Films began trials of the film with a medium sized U.S. chicken processor. While the price of the film was higher up front than the company’s previously used film, the overall investment decreased. The film’s strength properties allowed for downgauging opportunities that ultimately led to a profit for the processor.
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Stepping Up To The Plate—Packaging Solutions

In this December 2013 Meat & Poultry article, General Films' BG/2M film is highlighted; showcasing how using better-engineered, coextruded films with multiple layers may cost more up front, but saves money and increases productivity and profitability over time.

General Films Inc. (GFI), Covington, Ohio, recognized for years that the vertical form/fill/seal “space” for fresh chicken suffered from high leaker rates. This realization led to development of BG/2M film, says Tim Weikert, president.

BG/2M is a coextruded film with nylon barrier, featuring two-sided sealing, Octene LLDPE sealant layers and a nylon interior ply. It’s a nine-layer structure, so it provides excellent physical properties, ranging from the sealant to impact strength, says Tom Granata, vice president of sales. This film was designed for fresh poultry packaged on a vertical form/fill/seal machine.

GFI began BG/2M trials in 2012 with a medium-sized US chicken processor. Although experiencing good results, the customer initially balked at its higher pricing. “But we kept sampling and they kept trialing. One year ago, they replaced their previous film with our product,” Weikert says.